Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

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Professional Summary

 A talented, well organised and strong classroom performer, who has a proven track record of achieving excellent pupil attainment. Maliha i would like her students to appreciate and understand the importance of literature and English Language in our daily lives and  believes in a strong communication between a teacher and her students and encourage the children to express their ideas verbally and through writing.Is passionate about raising standards across all age groups and subject areas.Has  a profound knowledge of English language. By using her natural air of authority to maintain discipline, she can foster and maintain a positive institute climate where pupils can reach their full potential. As an outstanding and inspirational teacher with very high personal standards, she is committed to the learning and development of her students.She has high expectations of both herself and her pupils, and shows an interest in every student as an individual. Right now she is looking for a suitable position with a reputable institute that treats all employees fairly, consistently and provides equal career opportunities for all 

Employment history

English Lecturer, Jacobson, Barton and Cremin. Wizahaven, West Virginia
Mar. 2019 – Present
  •  Develop a scope and sequence of learning activities using university course objectives, curriculum standards, and student learning goals.
  • Evaluate student work, such as literary writing, research papers, and analysis tasks, by using teacher-developed rubrics and holistic practices.
  • Lead semester-long student research projects and assist with topic selection, idea development, and sourcing to support a university-wide focus on comprehensive research. 
  • Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying needs, abilities, and interests.
  • Prepare and administer written, oral, and performance tests, and issue grades in accordance with performance.
  • Conduct classes, workshops, and demonstrations to teach principles, techniques, or methods in subjects such as basic English language skills, life skills, and workforce entry skills.
  • Instruct students individually and in groups, using various teaching methods such as lectures, discussions, and demonstrations.

Part Time English Lecturer, Cormier Inc. West Shannon, Colorado
May. 2019 – Jun. 2019
  •  Advised the university curriculum development team on new recommendations for college-level literature studies.
  • Created course materials, assessments, projects, and a syllabus for each course in English literature studies during a semester. 
  •  Conducted lectures each day for undergraduate and graduate-level courses on a variety of topics related to English literature or language.
  • Coached students in developing solid prose when writing literary analysis papers by going over drafts and suggesting revisions and edits.
  • Led a committee to create a student writing center to assist students struggling with the basics of academic writing. 

Speaking Skills Instructor and Influencer, Kiehn, Barrows and Cronin. Byronport, Utah
Jul. 2018 – Apr. 2019
  • Enabled students to improve their English speaking skills.
  • Inspired students to interact confidently using English Medium
  • Improved student’s English Grammar skills and concepts.


Southern New Hampshire University, Adamsbury, Kansas
BS (Hons)/ masters in English Literature And Linguistucs, English Linguistics And Literature, Mar. 2018





Teaching (English)

Curriculum development

Excellent Communication skills

Grammar Instructions

Behavorial management

Applying Educational Methadologies

Subject Knowledge

Student Assessment


Ambitious And Responsible

english lecturer

  • Prepared weekly lesson plans to accommodate students with varying proficiency levels.
  • Created curricula, tests and exams to reinforce student learning in English Literature and Language.
  • Challenged and engaged students through in-depth lectures, debates and discussions and literary subjects.
  • Participated in weekly department and employee team meetings to discuss student performance and academic achievement.
  • Completed in-service and additional training to maintain professional growth. 

english lecturer

  • To provide a supportive learning environment for students to develop graduate level and subject specific skills.
  • Teach in a variety of settings, ensuring content, methods of delivery and learning materials meet the defined learning objectives for individual teaching sessions.
  • Work on the communication skills of the students to improve their communication in different social settings.
  • Set and mark assignments as well as assessing the work and progress of students by reference to defined criteria and provide constructive feedback to students.
  • Seek ways of improving performance by reflecting on teaching design and delivery and obtaining and analysing feedback.
  • Support students through an advisory role.

english lecturer (part time)

  • Plan, deliver and assess General and Academic English courses to college students
  • Develop and create new learning materials to suit level of students and to comply with the required course curriculum
  • Participate actively in small group teachers’ discussions and work meetings
  • Participate in moderation of group assessment in small groups 
  • Review assessment tasks and marking systems for continuous course improvement