Andrew Smith


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287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

I do not have that much experience in customer service but I am an enthusiastic and ambitious person wanting to get knowledge and skills customer service. I have an exceptional ability to connect with people and understand their wants, needs, and desires and delivering legendary service on every interaction. I am a current 16 Year old Year 10 student  wanting to  delivering high-levels of customer service to guests and clientele.  Consistently ensuring customers feel welcomed and accepted. 
I am a proactive, friendly person dedicated to meeting and exceeding expectations at every interaction.  Timely and professional with extraordinary communication skills and ability to build and cultivate relationships to drive business retention.  Actively seeking a customer service  role where I can utilise my education and experience to add immediate value to an organisation.

Employment history

Sep. 2019 – Present
West Demetriusborough, Montana
DJ/Photographer, Runolfsson LLC

Recently I started my own DJ and Photography Business with my cousin. We have a total of 3 DJ’s and 4 Photographers ready to go.

As a DJ my skills are to ensure I am at functions early with my gear ready to go and working perfectly fine. I also must ensure that the crowd have an enjoyable night 

As a Photographer my skills are to: 

  • Take pictures of individuals, families, and small groups, either in studio or on location.
  • Adjust apertures, shutter speeds, and camera focus based on a combination of factors such as lighting, field depth, subject motion, film type, and film speed.
  • Use traditional or digital cameras, along with a variety of equipment such as tripods, filters, and flash attachments.
  • Test equipment prior to use to ensure that it is in good working order.
  • Review sets of photographs to select the best work.   

Nov. 2015 – Present
New Brockchester, Michigan
Labourer, Beer, Towne and Glover

My job responsibility is to listen to what the site manger and leading hand and to complete the set tasks they give me from 7am-5pm 
I am also expected to do the following:  
  • Clean or prepare construction sites to eliminate possible hazards. 
  • Signal equipment operators to facilitate alignment, movement, or adjustment of machinery, equipment, or materials.
  • Load, unload, or identify building materials, machinery, or tools, distributing them to the appropriate locations, according to project plans or specifications.
  • Mix ingredients to create compounds for covering or cleaning surfaces.
  • Mix, pour, or spread concrete, using portable cement mixers.
  • Operate jackhammers or drills to break up concrete or pavement.
  • Position or dismantle forms for pouring concrete, using saws, hammers, nails, or bolts.


High School Diploma

  • West Georgia Academy – Kailaside, Pennsylvania



Customer Service


MS Office


Andrew Smith


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

Composer of orchestral music for televesion, games and film industry, with extremely small deadlines. 

Over 4.000 hours on airtime tv live shows as music supervisor, under pressure and every condionts ( control room, van, in front of camera, behind camera). Always working overtime per day because of my love to that work. 

Radio Producer alone or with partner, only experiences at morning zone , 07:00 – 10:00, from Monday to Friday. Searching reportage and discussion topics, sound engineering, promote sponsors, read messages and play music simultaneously. 

Sound designer for every kind of video, documentary , animation, intros, short movies, using  fantasy, creativity and studio or mobile recording equipment, always earlier of the deadlines.

Marketing assistant , watching carefully, communicate and provide support to every department of the company.

Create and manage a recording studio from scratch, from the design and build to recordings and social media management, while keeping any other professional occupations running. 

Employment history

Oct. 2019 – Present
Port Thanh, Delaware
Music Supervisor, Music Producer,, Olson, Casper and Reilly

General Music Supervisor
  •    Create shared music library in channel’s servers and organise songs to be reached easily from every journalist for their reportages.
  • Fill and check lists to send them to copyright management company
  • Help every tv show to have a specific music character
Music Production
  • Create a department to create and produce prototype music for channel’s projects. I use that music for titles or background music, by giving my permission as composer, to the company for free license use. 
On Air music supervision
  • Be the music supervisor on live air, for every tv show it needs under by my estimate.

Mar. 2020 – Present
New Prestonburgh, Maryland
DJ, Pacocha, Gottlieb and Hoeger

Working as DJ, on the roof garden every Friday from 21:00 to 01:00, playing pop music and make everyone feeling that their are in party that never ends.

Jan. 2015 –
South Roxannaland, Texas
Music and sound effects Supervisor, Gutmann, O’Hara and Mertz

Synchronise and keep following by the script with the sound palette, music and sound effects for theatre on it’s tour, organised and produces by Dimitra Foudouki., while be the basic driver of equipment’s vehicle. 

Nov. 2018 – Dec. 2018
Lake Delta, California
Sound designer, Watsica-Kihn

Create the sound design and sound effects for that great documentary, in my recording studio. I used fantasy and many techniques, such as recording, re recording, re-amplifying and many more, to recreate the sounds of war in second world war and giving to the film a unique character. 

Jun. 2018 – Sep. 2018
East Estastad, Utah
Resident DJ, Sauer and Sons

Be on the decks of that special place was just precious experience. 
Playing music every Friday and Saturday, also in some exclusive events. Finding music to create special moments and remarkable memories, by blend the music standards of 60s, 70s 80s even 90s, with the sound of 2018 investing to make everyone feel unique.

Mar. 2018 – Apr. 2018
O'Connellport, Kansas
Radio Producer, Spinka-Quitzon

Oct. 2017 – Dec. 2017
Mitchellton, Mississippi
Radio Producer, Walter, McDermott and Gulgowski

Radio producer, Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 10:00. It’s not a job, it’s love. Communicate via social medias, adjusting music playlists, find new music, discussion topics and be sound engineer at the same time can be exhausting , but can feel tired only if you don’t love it enough.

Sep. 2017 – Oct. 2017
South Cindie, North Carolina
Music Supervisor, Collier-Ondricka

Mar. 2014 – Jul. 2014
Simoniston, Rhode Island
Sound Engineer, Music Supervisor, Sound designer, Herman LLC

Sep. 2011 – Jan. 2014
West Modesto, Michigan
Waiter, Gottlieb LLC

Starting as waiter for the first two years, and reach to be manager, while i came though from every position, even DJ for 6 months. Working sometimes 16 hours per day , made employees to have trust in me. After years of work on that I can say that I would choose again that kind of job, because you learn how to communicate with all people kinds, while you learn yourself and build your personality, but more than that you learn to have patience and always you will have something new to see and learn. 


May. 2010
Sound Engineer

  • West Jacobs Academy – Kundeshire, Missouri

Nov. 2007
2 Years Drums: Drums

  • Southern Volkman College – Lake Antoniastad, Alabama

Mar. 2007
harmony 4

  • South Iowa University – East Tommyeborough, Mississippi

Dec. 2005
High School Diploma

  • Southern Pfannerstill Academy – West Nealhaven, Louisiana

Mar. 2005
Seminars: Marketing and customer's behaviour

  • The Nienow – North Elvinbury, Tennessee


Associate Producer

Social Media Management

Music Predictor

Design and construction

Video Editor

Video Director



PC/Mac constructions


Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000
[email protected]
(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

I’m an Events DJ looking for work in the Columbus area. I started DJing shortly after I turned 18 years old. Starting with birthday parties, they quickly became graduation parties, and then I was booked for my first wedding. So far, I’ve done countless graduation parties over the past couple of summers, and have had three successful wedding bookings. I’ve learned how to communicate to various large groups of people, introduce important people at events, and have utilized my skills as a DJ to provide entertainment. 

Currently studying Music Technology at Capital University, on track to attain a Bachelor of Music degree, I’ve been trained on the basic and intermediate techniques and skillsets to have in DAW softwares such as Ableton Live, Logic X, and Pro Tools. I’ve been trained in the art and function of running and tracking within the confines of a studio, recording live events, providing live sound for events, mixing audio to a professional level, and how to network with people in my field of interest at events I attend. 

Being a musician under the study of Roger Hines, Dr. Lou Fischer, and other jazz affiliated staff at Capital University, I’ve been educated about music as a whole, and how I can apply my skills to the technology realm and fuse together my knowledge to make clients much more satisfied. I’ve been apart of several ensembles and bands as a bassist, and it has given me insight on how to analyze a performance from on and off of the stage.  

Employment history

Sales Associate, Volkman, Bins and Kris. Purdyshire, Idaho
Nov. 2019 – Present
  • Be knowledgable about vaporizer devices
  • Develop and execute basic to professional sales techniques 
  • Keep up to date on new devices 
  • Maintain and improve physical store quality 
  • Organize store products 
  • Keep up to date on stock 
  • Transfer and receive product orders. 
  • Distribute product samples or literature that details products or services

DJ, Mosciski-Hartmann. Port Ellsworthstad, South Dakota
  • Be able to accommodate events including, but not limited to: 
    • Graduation Parties 
    • Wedding Ceremonies 
    • Wedding Receptions 
    • Birthday Parties 
    • Local Events 
    • Church Events 
  • Meet with clients two weeks before the event to discuss details regarding the event booking 
    • Exception: One Month in regards to Weddings or Wedding-related events 
  • Have equipment ready for specific locations 
  • Be familiar with Serato software and the hardware being used 

Cashier, Steuber Inc. Herschelstad, Ohio
Sep. 2016 – Oct. 2016
  • Maintain cleanliness of the store 
  • Be knowledgable of ice cream offered 
    • As well as seasonal and monthly specials 
  • Ring customers out 
  • Accommodate special needs due to allergies or intolerances 
  • Have skills in Microsoft software 

Maintenance, Cassin-Prohaska. Doreathafort, Maryland
Jun. 2013 – Dec. 2014
  • Maintain the building inside and out 
  • Be of age and have knowledge and ability to operate machinery used to clean interior structures
  • Be of age and have knowledge and ability to operate machinery used to maintain exterior of the building 
    • i.e. Riding lawnmowers, weed wackers, ATV, forklift, scissor lift
  • Be courteous to all people you encounter through the building 
  • Be ready and willing to answer employees via radio when called upon 


East Schroeder, South Lesaside, Minnesota
Bachelor of Music B.M., Music Technology, Present

Lind Academy, Augustusfort, Massachusetts
High School Diploma, Sep. 2016


Customer/Client Service

Public Speaking

Product/Service Knowledge

Events DJ

Audio Engineering/Recording

Upright/Electric Bass

Ableton Live 9


Pro Tools

Website/Social Media Management


Andrew Smith


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

I have had two real jobs in my adult life. I was a combat medic in the army and i have been a strip club DJ. Both jobs have given me the ability to be able to preform under high stress conditions, as well as given me skills in time management, and the management of others. I am a very personable and hard working. During my years as a DJ I have been developing my abilities to read a crowd and have constantly updated my music library. I have an expert knowledge of music and the ability to manage multiple stages and high numbers of girls.

Employment history

Jun. 2017 – Feb. 2018
Lubowitzfort, North Dakota
DJ, Fadel LLC

I was the night shift DJ, I worked 8 hr shifts, was responsible for the girls rotation on stage as well as the stage show. (I.E. Lighting, fog machine, lasers.) I was also in charge of the music format, promotion of the dancers, bartenders and waitresses.  I have my own computer and music library that i update constantly. 

Sep. 2015 – Aug. 2016
Port Quyen, Maryland
D.J., Swaniawski, Fay and Mann

I was the primary DJ, I worked Friday through Tuesday on night shift, as well as any promotions that may have been going on. (I.E. Special guests/performers and events.) I was also in control of the girls rotation on the stage and frequently controlled 4 stages and there rotations. As well as being in charge of the stage lighting, lasers, and fog. Worked with up to 40 girls a night.  

Oct. 2011 – Oct. 2012
New Joe, Arizona
Combat Medic, Zulauf and Sons

I was a combat medic in the united states army. Was frequently in high stress situations, was directly in charge of other medical personnel, as well as my own squad. I was also responsible for there health and well being. 


Oct. 2008
High School Diploma

  • South California College – Marquardtmouth, Nevada



Personnel Management

Can read a crowd



  • Attending customers requests, not only in musical but also beverage recommendations.

dj/ dj lesson instructor

  • Set up sound equipment & lights for weddings & events
  • Provided and mixed music for event
  • Taught one-on-one DJ lessons
  • Live mixing of music in specific hours to encourage clients to stay and consume more. 


  • Collaborate with brands in creating sets for shows, parties and meetings.
  • Create playlists for exhibitions and conventions.
  • Perform on a weekly basis in venues around Seoul.
  • Provide and manage piped music to the terrace.


  • Set up and organize DJ booths and speakers.
  • Coordinate with the employer as to types of music and location.
  • Keep people entertained using upbeat and relevant music.
  • Able to communicate and control those in the crowd.
  • Keep upbeat and positive energy for long periods of time.


  • Certified professional DJ at the age of 15 in 2012 (youngest at the time)
  • Performed and won at War of DJ’s contests in 2012
  • Judged War of DJ contests in 2013, 2014 and 2015 at colleges like SJCC, JNC, SJPUC
  • Performed alongside local artists like Zaeden, Teri Miko, Gurbax, Raka, Lagori, Best Kept Secret
  • Performed alongside international artists like Troyboi, Dyro, DVBBS, and more
  • Held residencies at venues like Alt.(Skydeck), The Whitefield Arms, Irish House, Sotally Tober, Hammered, and more.
  • Played at venues like Playboy Mumbai, Primal, Privee (Delhi), HyLife (Hyderabad), The Lantern (Ritz Carlton Bangalore) and more


  • Establish the pace of programs and sequences of segments according to time requirements and accessibility.
  • Create graphics to advertise radio broadcasts.
  • Compile scripts, program notes, and other material related to radio broadcasts.
  • Memberikan performance terbaik sebagai closing, Memberikan pesta yang berkesan kepada orang yang berulang tahun. (No Alcohol)


  • Perform before live audiences ranging from house performances to concert stage settings.
  • Confer with managers, crew members, to discuss details of show, such as photography, equipment, music, sets,
  • Study and research other DJ’s, to influence ideas and additions to include into sets.
  • Study audiences, adapt to audiences mood, and preferred music genre.
  • Tidy and organization of equipment at an event or storage facility
  • Work together with client to help exceed an event’s goals.


  • Entertain wedding guests and large amounts of people at once using different forms of technology given.
  • Constantly engaging in public speaking, at times six-hundred or more guests.
  • Gain charming relationships with attendees and leave a lasting and pleasant impression on a very important day.
  • Sweet seventeenth birthday party DJ, Membantu crew dancer di bagian music dan mixing lagu.. creating transition.


  • Compile diverse playlists twice a week.
  • Speak on-air effectively.
  • Conduct brief research on bands and musical artists.
  • Mix songs and/or create vocal arrangements.


  • Created my own music show The Roots of Indie every Friday night with live bands and music every show
  • Created a podcast for every episode and can be listened to and or downloaded at mortymbg13.podbean.com
  • Designed a logo and made merchandise including hats, stickers and guitar pics
  • Promote each show and the artists on the show with social media


  • Create playists based on current customers to keep them in house.
  • Announce and promote current sale items.
  • Mainting a constant line of communication with performers to keep everything punctual.
  • Prompt punctuation


  • Provided music services for weddings/ parties/ corporate events/ clubs/ lounges/ restaurants/ wineries
  • Set up & take down of sound equipment/ lights
  • Mixed music for the events
  • Handled bookings, payments, marketing etc.


  • Work with customers to plan specific themed nights for the venue.
  • Thorough knowledge on all aspects of music including constant updates
  • Working with diverse range of people
  • Ability to work under pressure and with difficult patrons


  • Be able to accommodate events including, but not limited to: Graduation Parties 
  • Wedding Ceremonies 
  • Wedding Receptions 
  • Birthday Parties 
  • Local Events 
  • Church Events 

dj, light and sound tech

  • Providing music, entertainment and lights at events
  • Developing Play lists
  • Interacting with public and parties
  • Setting up and packing down equipment 
  • Use of technical computer systems including sound boards
  • Providing an appropriate atmosphere to suit each function (including personal presentation)
  • Updating music database 


  • On air host of NPR affiliated programs such and Performance Today
  • On air host of Native America Calling
  • On air host of other music shows including Afternoon Freeform and Other Voices Other Sounds
  • Interview local and traveling artists and bands and other personalities


  • Interned freshman year on a radio show.
  • Earned my own show where I play Movie Soundtracks and provide commentary about the songs and movie itself. 
  • Supply erect and dismantle audio systems and visual effects.
  • Provide appropriate media content as requested by the client.


  • Ridgebacks – centurion 
  • wize crax – centurion 
  • Chewnz – montana 
  • Cappello – boksburg 


  • Create tracks digitally and through analogue sources.
  • Perform DJ acts for hosted parties worldwide.
  • Upkeep of technical knowledge of various Virtual Synthesizers as well as music production in general.
  • Maintaining a public image for promotion and community reach purposes.


  • Successfully led key projects which resulted in listener increases.
  • Operated multiple promotional functions unassisted to increase business notoriety.
  • Interacted with members of the public to help promote different brands and functions
  • Analyzed industry trends and compiled market research data to inform planning and strategy.


  • Dj at most important urban-dance events
  • Performed with rap artists as a scratch dj
  • Soundman at big dance shows
  • Performed abroad: Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Georgia
  • Biggest events: Electric Castle (Ro), Outbreak Europe/The legist Blast (Slo), Onyx show (Bu), Redbull Camp (Ua)
  • Redbull 3style (dj contest) Ukraine finalist


  • Host my own show on air every Monday from 6-7pm at https://www.wfdd.org/listen/stream/wfdd3.
  • Research artists and plan shows.
  • Attend meetings to review new music from promoters.
  • Attend concerts and live music performances when possible.
  • Cover shows for other DJs as needed.


  • Collect data from clients including requests and schedules.
  • Perform in various types of events each under different circumstances.
  • Ensure a high level of safety to all staff and clients.
  • Solved unresolved customer issues.


  • Branding and Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Build professional relationships with clients/venues
  • DJ and curate appropriate music selections according to venue requirements
  • Arrive to event in a timely manner to allow for and correct any technical issues
  • Interact with guests and ensure the customer experience exceeds client standards


  • create a festive atmosphere by playing upbeat music
  • set up the schedule and rotation of entertainers
  • maintain the sound and light equipment 
  • I was an intern for my freshman year of college on a Funk + Folk show.


  • DJ for weddings, youth dances, events and special parties
  • Master of Ceremony, announce programs and keep to schedule to move events along and running smoothly
  • Quick to respond and know read the crowds to maximize event success
  • Multitask between conversations, controlling audio visual effects, and music