Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

Efficient, methodical, technically-advanced leader offering 10 years of experience supporting warehouse receiving and shipping functions using computerized warehouse management systems.  Strong teamwork and communication skills with keen ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously while ensuring on time delivery.  Productive, determined professional actively seeking a leadership role within a large distribution warehouse.

Employment history

Dispatch Supervisor, Ebert-Gorczany. Bradleyport, Alaska
Jul. 2014 – Present
  • Schedule or dispatch workers, work crews, equipment, or service vehicles to appropriate locations, according to customer requests, specifications, or needs, using radios or telephones.
  • Confer with customers or supervising personnel to address questions, problems, or requests for service or equipment.
  • Monitor personnel or equipment locations and utilization to coordinate service and schedules.
  • Receive or prepare work orders.
  • Relay work orders, messages, or information to or from work crews, supervisors, or field inspectors, using telephones or two-way radios.
  • Record and maintain files or records of customer requests, work or services performed, charges, expenses, inventory, or other dispatch information.
  • Arrange for necessary repairs to restore service and schedules.
  • Prepare daily work and run schedules.
  • Determine types or amounts of equipment, vehicles, materials, or personnel required, according to work orders or specifications.
  • Advise personnel about traffic problems, such as construction areas, accidents, congestion, weather conditions, or other hazards.
  • Advise clients on transportation and payment methods.
  • Track delivery progress of shipments.
  • Notify consignees, passengers, or customers of freight and arrange for delivery.
  • Coordinate and supervise activities of workers engaged in loading and shipping merchandise.
  • Enter shipping information into a computer by hand .

Assembly, Olson, Wisoky and Boyer. Effertzborough, Pennsylvania
Jan. 1999 – Feb. 1999
  • Comply with all applicable standards, policies, and procedures, including safety procedures and the maintenance of a clean work area.
  • Install auxiliary components to heating-cooling equipment, such as expansion and discharge valves, air ducts, pipes, blowers, dampers, flues and stokers, following blueprints.
  • Cut or drill holes in floors, walls, or roof to install equipment, using power saws or drills.
  • Assemble, position and mount heating or cooling equipment, following blueprints.
  • Record and report all faults, deficiencies, and other unusual occurrences, as well as the time and materials expended on work orders.
  • Position, align, and adjust parts for proper fit and assembly.
  • Assemble parts or units, and position, align, and fasten units to assemblies, subassemblies, or frames, using hand tools and power tools.
  • Read blueprints and specifications to determine component parts and assembly sequences of electromechanical units.
  • Drill, tap, ream, countersink, and spot-face bolt holes in parts, using drill presses and portable power drills.
  • File, lap, and buff parts to fit, using hand and power tools.
  • Operate small cranes to transport or position large parts.

Material Handeler, Ritchie and Sons. Lake Mikel, Maryland
Feb. 1998 – Mar. 1998
  • Measure parts to determine tolerances, using precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, calipers, and verniers.
  • Clean and lubricate parts and subassemblies, using grease paddles or oilcans.
  • Operate small cranes to transport or position large parts.
  • Adhere to all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures for health, safety, and environmental compliance.
  • Inspect finished products for quality and adherence to customer specifications.
  • Keep production logs.
  • Clean production equipment or work areas.
  • Collect hazardous or non-hazardous waste in correctly labeled barrels or other containers and transfer them to collection areas.
  • Select cleaning materials, tools, or equipment.
  • Ship packages, following carrier specifications.
  • Maintain inventory of job materials.
  • Package finished products.


Lesch University, Jacobsonmouth, Michigan
Blue print and tolerance, May. 1998

Mann College, Goyetteberg, Indiana
High School Diploma, May. 1983



Costomer service



Overhead Cranes


dispatch supervisor

  • Receiving material from finished goods yard and stack it project wise.
  • Loading of material as per provided details.
  • Prepare packing list of material as per provided D.O.
  • Supervise and assign duties to workers engaged on loading point.

dispatch supervisor

  • Ensure timely and efficient movement of product via air, rail or road as appropriate.
  • Develop new work flow procedures to meet business changes as a result of transfer of company ownership.
  • Notify consignees, passengers, or customers of freight and arrange for delivery.
  • Coordinate and supervise activities of workers engaged in loading and shipping merchandise.

dispatch supervisor

  •  Work together with drivers, dispatchers and management to create the most effective delivery routes and  schedules to maximize driver efficiency.
  •  Participates in feedback sessions with management to improve service level performance at customer sites.
  •  Addresses any customer issues and/or provides resolution to problems that are within the scope of work or will, otherwise, engage management for help.
  •  Work with route managers to establish and monitor productivity and safety targets for each driver.
  •  Monitor all vehicle routes and fuel consumption through computerized tracking system.

dispatch supervisor

  • Provided inbound and outbound service support for our nationwide network of inspectors.
  • Overseeing dispatch operations team of 5 dispatchers.
  • Assisted and trained new dispatch members.
  • Dispatching inspection requests to our inspectors and keep the database up to date.
  • Servicing clients and properly documenting our request notes.
  • Submitted new claim requests for clients and provide them timely updates.

dispatch supervisor

  • Organizes item orders by editing for price, promotions, weight compliance.
  •  Effectively communicate with customers on a regular basis regarding core transportation issues impacting the customer and the effectiveness and efficiency of the fleet. 
  • Arranges shipments by checking stock to determine inventory levels; anticipating delivery requirements; placing and expediting orders.
  •  Work with hourly paid drivers to make sure productivity is commensurate with hours worked 
  • Ships items by examining items, destination, route, rate, delivery time; ordering carriers.
  • Verifies items shipped by matching bills of lading; reconciling quantities; noting discrepancies.
  • Keeps customers informed by forwarding notice of item availability, shipment date and method, and current status; answering questions.

dispatch supervisor

  •  Responsible for supervising 20 employees over 3 shifts. 
  • Negotiate and arrange roadside service for freight companies. 
  • Review Claims to approve/deny payment based on eligibility and utilization. 
  • Network within existing customers and vendor to find and attract new business 

dispatch supervisor

  • Take delivery of goods & supplies.
  • Check for damaged or missing items.
  • Store goods appropriately.
  • Pick & pack orders for dispatch.
  • Loading goods for dispatch.
  • Operate in a safe manner complying with all health, safety & environmental requirements to ensure own safety of others. Keep areas of work clean and tidy to ensure operational efficiency.

dispatch supervisor

  • Contact customers to persuade them to purchase cement.
  • Direct and coordinate activities involving sales of cement and related products.
  • Plan and direct staffing,performance evaluations to develop and control sales and service programs.
  • Direct clerical staff to keep records of correspondence.
  • Direct, coordinate, and review activities in sales,service accounting and record keeping.

dispatch supervisor

  • Directed all dispatching, routing and tracking of 9 fleet vehicles
  • Communicated all emergencies, delays due to weather and carrier schedule changes to customers and supervisors
  • Worked with vendor representatives to resolve damaged shipments and item shortages, protecting company interests and financial targets
  • Double-checked cargo inventories and documentation for accuracy
  • Maintained accurate records , including materials weights, bill amounts and identified variances
  • Handled day-to-day shipping and receiving overseeing more than [Number] packages per day