dispatch manager

  • Managed all outbound shipping documents for 2016-2017 season
  • Managed volumes of tobacco and grades and planned loading schedules accordingly
  • Worked with quality control to ensure that tobacco met quality shipping standards

dispatch manager/truck pusher/field supervisor

  • Safely operate transport within DOT regulations, for pickup and disposal hazardous well site waste.
  • Lift and maneuver pressurized hose for vacuum truck.
  • Promoted to Field Supervisor.
  • Communications with pumpers, engineering personnel for well site locations.
  • Organize dispatch of teams for timely execution of daily activities.
  • Schedule and plan each transport operator.
  • Led daily safety meetings and insured DOT compliance of all operators.

dispatch manager/ client relations manager: –

  • Receive orders from customers or senior managers and Completed 30+ outbound customer’s calls per day to confirm delivery dates, time frames, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Keep track of the movement and progress of each driver and vehicle by  use of computerises GPRS system
  •  Liaised with 5+ drivers to coordinate routes and fix routing issues and ensure compliance to the predetermined routes.
  • Take inventory to ascertain the stock balances, damages and expiries.
  • Prioritize routes according to urgency and nature of commodity and arrange for emergency pickup and delivery.
  • Maintain a friendly relationship with customers to ensure continuous patronage.
  • Maintain a friendly relationship with drivers to ensure steady compliance whenever they are called for work even in emergency situation.

dispatch manager/bus monitor

  • Assigned buses/routes to drivers and monitors based on need and availability. 
  • Communicated directions or requests to drivers via radio communication. 
  • Provided and recieved contact from parents via phone.
  • Organized attendance and sent them to appropriate parties.
  • Monitored children on bus guaranteeing safety while providing appropriate directions to the driver guaranteeing scheduled pick ups and drop offs.