director of quality assurance

  • Recommend hire, disciplinary, and termination decisions.
  • Conduct supervision meetings and in-service trainings for employees.
  • Conduct client QA’s and create staff strategies for optimizing service delivery.
  • Record and prepare minutes of meetings
  • Order workplace supplies and maintain record 

director of quality assurance/staffing coordinator

  • Manage the overall system of supports and services to individuals with developmental disabilities served, with a major focus on personnel management and coordination of service delivery.
  • Responsible for the quality of all aspects of supports, conducting quality assurance reviews, and overseeing quality assurance audits from various agencies.
  • Instruct and evaluate direct service personnel while monitoring medication management, health service delivery, and all necessary paperwork of individuals served.
  • Create and facilitate new hire training sessions and facilitate various on-going staff trainings and supervision meetings.
  • Recommend hire, disciplinary, and termination decisions.
  • Participate in team meetings with all team members of individuals served.  
  •  Prepare, record, check over and proofread correspondence, invoices.