Andrew Smith


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

I have been working with Heath Village for the Last five and a half years. Working within the company as a supervisor has given me the greatest understanding of what this company needs to succeed. This position is requiring an individual with great compassion and leadership to benefit the team at hand. My skills will successfully fill the requirements of this positions. Knife skills, proper kitchen safety, and team work are the many skills I have learned to master while working with Heath Village and wish to further my knowledge and spread my knowledge to others.

Employment history

Nov. 2015 – Present
Kutchmouth, Indiana
Dietary Supervisor, King and Sons

This job requires organization, leadership, and communication skills. Supervising a team to work safely and efficiently is the main goal of this position.

Mar. 2012 – Mar. 2013
Terisahaven, Wisconsin
Pharmaceutical Cashier, DuBuque LLC

This position required good verbal skills and a decent understanding of the pharmaceutical world. Although not a technician, the knowledge of particular medications was obtained to count out prescriptions. Great customer service skills were required when working the register to maintain customer satisfaction.


May. 2016
Associate of Arts: Business Administration

  • Cummerata Institute – East Cleora, Florida



Ability to work under pressure


Time Management

dietary supervisor

  • Tracking food temperature
  • Tracking diet card 

dietary supervisor

  • Perform cleaning duties to make sure kitchen is clean and stocked for the morning shift, taking out trash
  • Check trays to make sure ticket matches tray and put into carts. 
  • Take temperatures of fridges, run thermo labels
  • Work Tray line

dietary supervisor

  • Prepare meals for the residents
  • Assist residents eat their meals
  • Deliver food 3 times a day to the residents
  • Monitor kitchen staff to ensure proper food is being served
  • Took inventory once a week of kitchen supplies and food

dietary supervisor

  • Prep/serve meals
  • Also assisted in cleaning facility
  • Kitchen Maintenance 
  • Breaking down dinning areas. 
  • Delivering and serving food to residents rooms
  • prepping snacks
  • taking inventory of food and kitchen supplies.