Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

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Professional Summary

Compassionate, driven, dedicated healthcare provider.  Providing holistic care to the patient and family.  Critical thinking skills in management of high risk patients and deliveries.  Leadership of my healthcare team with excellent communication skills between every member of the team.  Educator to staff and students to provide proficient and competent care.  Self-motivated researcher that provides updated evidence based care and the best possible patient outcomes.  Over 10 years of healthcare experience including leadership roles and critical thinking during unstable medical emergencies.  Adaptable and innovative in highly stressful situations.

Employment history

EMT, Zulauf-Carter. Lake Piedadfort, Idaho
Jun. 2009 – Present
ALS care of emergency and inter-facility transport patients ranging in newborn to geriatric care.
Ground transport ambulance service

Neonatal Nurse, Cummings, Harvey and Padberg. Zacktown, Missouri
May. 2014 – Present
Charge, Floor RN in Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Vent, HFOV, NiO2 trained
Management of floor staff, assignment, admissions and discharges
Attendance of high risk deliveries and admissions
Air and ground transport team

Dialysis Nurse, Runolfsson-Dicki. Feeneyside, Pennsylvania
Oct. 2012 – Nov. 2012
Charge and Floor Nurse
Fistula and Central line access and care
Management of patient care and treatment plans, including diet, lab work and medications

Referral and Emergency Services, Rowe, Medhurst and Koch. Herzogchester, Massachusetts
Apr. 2009 – Nov. 2012
Management of ED patients
Facilitating inter-facility transports and admissions
Air and Ground Transports
Managing physician call schedule
Nurse on-call hotline
Telemetry and EKG’s

Emergency Room Technician, Stroman, Marquardt and Lesch. Spencerbury, New Jersey
Apr. 2009 – Oct. 2009
BLS care of patients
IV intiation
Wound care and managment
Splitting and ortho care
Registration, Admission of patients
Order input
Insurance verification
Facilitation of inter-facility transports


The Kansas Academy, Zulaufshire, Vermont
Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Dec. 2017

Southern Harris, South Melaineburgh, Pennsylvania
Associate of Science, Nursing, Feb. 2011




Critical Thinking

Patient Care

Project Management



dialysis nurse

  • Analyze and interpret the results of diagnostic tests. 
  • Recommend interventions to modify behavior associated with the health risks of end-stage renal disease and hemodialysis.
  • Participate proactively in quality improvement programs, complete treatment records.
  • Review pre and post hemodialysis care with patient.
  • Discuss health concerns with patient; review patient concerns with physician as necessary.
  • Provide ongoing patient education.
  • Provides direct care to patients and families utilizing established Diaverum Standards.

dialysis nurse

  • Provide chronic hemodialysis therapy including but not limited to formulating a dialysis plan for ultrafiltration, initiating dialysis via various accesses, complying with the safety measures, and monitoring patient vital signs applicable to ESRD patients according to Plan of Care.
  • Administer medications, fluid therapy or other appropriate treatments per physician orders and documents them in the patient medical records.
  • Perform patient assessment including but not limited to vital signs and all other parameters of the ESRD patients, review dialysis orders, determine general physical and mental condition of patient through observations and interview, assist in determining compliance to dietary or medication regimen, and document all observations appropriately in the patient’s medical records.
  • Analyze patient data; assess and monitor status of vascular accesses, review laboratory works, patient assessments and report any relevant changes or abnormalities to the physician.
  • Prepare and monitor dialysis machines and systems.
  • Maintain and monitor dialysis water treatment system for use according to the established procedures.
  • Prepare dialysis delivery systems for use according to established procedure and inform to the biomed technician for any malfunctions.

dialysis nurse

  • Performed dialysis on patients with ESRD on a daily basis while monitoring patient vital signs 
  • Performed sterile access of  catheter, arteriovenous (AV) graft, arteriovenous (AV) fistula, and venous phlebotomy access
  • Maintain extensive nursing and patient documentation for a large pool of revolving patients
  • Managed and maintained dialysis and apheresis machines, including machine programming