Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

Worked as a system administrator in Keltron for around 6 months which involved projects such as DRDO radar calibration and Keltron system administration and management.
Have been working as a DBA for over 2 years overseeing things like DBA housekeeping activities and process automation, Also have been part of disaster recovery activities in MSSQL server. Quick learner of new tools, technologies and practices which is my most valuable asset. Ability to plan and deliver written and verbal communications effectively. Willingness to walk the extra mile to ensure customer’s delight. High quality approach to the job and its deliverable’s. Ability to work in multi cultural environment. 

Employment history

DBA, Braun Group. Lake Marinmouth, Connecticut
Dec. 2017 – Present
●        High availability techniques.
●        DB health check and automation.
●        Migration of SQL versions under various projects.
●        Monitoring DB.
●        Backup And restore.
●        User creation.
●        Grand and revoke permissions.

Management of large and complex production MSSQL server databases. Automation of day-to-day housekeeping activities. Firm command over structured query language.

System Administrator, Leannon Group. West Stephenfort, Maine
Jan. 2016 – Feb. 2016
●        IT hardware and software maintenance.
●        Assembling of CPU.
●        Network related issues.
  •       Installation of windows, necessary drivers and printers.  
Worked as a part of DRDO radar calibration testing project undergone at Keltron controls.


Northern Wolf, New Jewellhaven, Wyoming
Electronics, Feb. 2015

Stiedemann College, North Neil, Virginia
Computer Science, Feb. 2012

North Maryland University, Runolfssonport, Nebraska
SSLC, May. 2010



Query turning

Service Now – Incident monitoring tool


Linux Shell Scripting

Microsoft office


  • PostgreSQL DBA. Performance tuning, replication, optimizing SQL queries
  • Writing core PL/pgSQL functions for billing system
  • Creating logical model for DBs


  • Installation & Configuration of Database.
  • Performing Upgrades of Database to new release levels.
  • Proactively monitoring the Database’s health.
  • Managing users & security.
  • Managing schema objects.
  • Backup & Recovery. 


  • Create and enforce database development standards.Develop load-balancing processes to eliminate down time for backup processes.
  • Configured Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid control for monitoring to manage and automate the alerts based on thresholds. Utilized OEM components (Diagnostics Pack, Tuning Packs, and Change Management Pack) for analyzing the database activities and improving the performance 
  • Performed performance tuning of the database for the accepted level using Broad brush approach (tuning of Design, Operating system, Database, Instance, Disk I/O and Application). Implemented database performance monitoring tools 
  • Supported users and developers; developed queries; and optimized their stored procedures 


  • Copying the database objects from prod to Dev using exports/imports and datapumps.
  • Experience in Database point in time recovery for restore the missed objects.
  • Working on DB link and MView refresh issues.
  • Resolving the archive gap in between primary and standby.


  • Analysis and optimization of databases 
  • Migration from SQL 2000 and 2008 to SQL 2012 
  • Creation and establishment of backup policies and information protection 
  • Automation of processes 
  • Creation and analysis of audits files


  • Oracle, MSSQL and Postgres database routine management and improve administrative efficiency with Nagios core and my plugins.
  • Oracle RAC 12.2 on HPUX and RedHat Implementation.
  • Oracle 18c upgrade and data migration from 10gR2 with Golden Gate between Data Center.
  • SQL Server DB migration between Data Center using LogShipping.
  • Oracle RAC 12.2  on HPUX data migration between Data Center  using storage sync .


  • Managed databases in Acces 99 and SQL Server, making backups, data migrations and optimizing general data objects.
  • Generated new database objects like SP’s, views, jobs, triggers and tables according to user requests from different internal departments.
  • Generated reporting queries for specific time periods, offering analysis strategy to achieve demanding goals.
  • Making tasks in background like console applications to populate dinamyc information for accounting process.


  • Application and server logs using SSHClient and MobaXterm.
  • SQL Server Agent for Job Schedules and track job processing via agent.
  • Hands on experience on OLTP and OLAP System along with ETL Process.
  • Experience in patching activities in both RAC and standalone Environment.

sr. dba

  • Converting Primary to standby and Standby to Snapshot DB
  • Interacting the oracle support for the different error like ORA-600, ORA-7445, ORA-1092 etc.
  • Experience in Database point in time recovery for restore the missed objects
  • Linked Servers to MySQL and Oracle in MSSQL.

sr. dba

  • Monitoring the Prod, Pre-prod, Dev and Test database.
  • Converting Primary to standby and Standby to Primary on half yearly basis.
  • Experience in monitoring the tablespace and add/resize the datafiles if reaches threshold.
  • Monitoring the RMAN online and incremental backups and resolving the backup failures.
  •  Interacting the oracle support for the different error like ORA-600, ORA-7445, ORA-1092 etc.
  • Experience in oracle 10g installation using Graphical and Silent method.
  • Creating users and assigning the privileges, profiles, roles to users as per client request.


  • Installation and configuration of MSSQL Server and CentOS.
  • Installation of SSMS in MSSQL Server and MySQL and Percona in CentOS.
  • Linux and Windows Command.
  • Replication through Percona in MySQL.
  • Replication and mirroring in MSSQL.
  • Develop or maintain archived procedures, triggers, or queries for applications.
  • SQL DDL, DML, DCL and TCL Commands.


  • Oracle 8i and 9i managment and standby db implementation.
  • MySQL management and binlog replication setup.
  • DB2 management.
  • Postgres management.