Andrew Smith


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287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

Perfect man for the Job!
Punctual, strong, productive, sufficient experience supporting warehouse receiving and shipping functions using computerized warehouse management systems.  Strong teamwork and communication skills with keen ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously while ensuring on time delivery.  Productive, determined professional actively seeking a leadership role within a large distribution warehouse.

Employment history

Feb. 2017 – Apr. 2017
East Erlindafort, Idaho
courier driver, Dickinson, Ratke and Brekke

-Collecting schedule of pick up points and delivery addresses from the depot.
-Loading and unloading truck with parcels, packages and cartons to commercial and residential addresses across Sydney.
– Sorting packages into order
-finding quickest route to delivery addresses.
-keeping paper work and delivery records up to date.

Jun. 2016 – Sep. 2016
East Hershelview, Vermont
Painter, Leuschke, Lebsack and Goodwin

– Taking measurements and quoting areas for jobs.
– Meet at jobsite and go through tasks for the day.
– Covering and laying down plastic drop sheets on floor for protection.
– Sand and prepare ceilings, walls, frames and doors for sealer coat.
– Sanding, patching, gaping for final coats.
– Applying final coats, cleaning up and making sure job is satisfactory OH&S safe.

May. 2013 – Jul. 2014
Susannefort, Nevada
Apprentice Spray Painter, Dare Inc

  • Examine vehicles, compile estimates of repair costs, and secure customers’ approval to perform repairs.
  • Repair, overhaul, or adjust automobile panels
  • Estimate costs of repairs based on parts and labor charges.
  • Confer with customers to determine the nature of damages.
  • Cut openings and drill holes for fixtures and equipment, using electric drills and routers.
  • Remove seats, carpeting, and interiors of doors; add sound-absorbing material in empty spaces; and reinstall interior parts.


Cert 3 Automotive Spray painting

  • South Nitzsche – Daphineport, South Carolina


safe lifting techniques

Organizational skills

Communication skills

Physical fitness and wellbeing

courier driver

  • Best Route Determination 
  • Logs Maintenance 
  • Responsible for all Administrative duties Oil/Water Level Check 
  • Vehicle Inspection, Safe Transportation of Products to Clients

courier driver

  • Conduct inspections of the vehicle before departing to deliver. 
  • Goods Pack and load products onto trucks according to the company’s specifications deliver. 
  • Orders to customers on assigned routes.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with routes dispatcher. 
  • Unload goods as per client specifications. 
  • Review deliveries with customers to ensure products meet their needs. 
  • Obtain delivery confirmations from each customer. 

courier driver

  • Transport goods, services, clients and personnel from one point to another.
  • Ensure accurate and detailed completion of logbooks.
  • Conduct routine maintenance, inspecting of vehicles and timely reporting of defects.
  • Adhere to Departmental codes and procedures.
  • Ensure that all vehicles are kept clean and tidy.
  • Perform administratively and relieve duties when required or necessary.

courier driver

  • Deliver freight to clients promptly and efficiently.
  • Establish a rapport with clients. Listening to client feedback as the first  point of contact. Understanding their business needs.
  • Receiving freight payments from customers and receipting the transaction.
  • Coordinating with team members the efficient logistical delivery of freight.
  • Liaising with Followmont Transport as a sub- contractor and adhering to onsite practices.
  • Processing delivering an pickups through electronic Allotrac software.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the vehicle.

courier driver

  • pick up and delivery services in and around calgary
  • own vehicle operator
  • radio communications between dispatch and courier
  • destroy confidential documents, and properly dispose of any other recyclables.

courier driver/shredder truck

  • completing daily vehicle inspection report before departing.
  • maintaining cube van and reporting any maintenance needed.
  • creating daily route and finishing it in a timely manor.
  • drive to each location to pick up office paper recycling and other recyclable products from customers on assigned day.
  • obtain confirmation of pickup from each customer.
  • provide exceptional customer service.
  • comply with all safety policies.

courier driver

  • Accountable for meeting deadlines and targets (deliveries and documentation) by effectively managing workload
  • Ensuring that all deliveries and pick up are managed safely and securely in line with our Company Policy
  • Accountable for safely loading and unloading freight from Delivery Van
  • Developing outstanding relationships with customers and colleagues

courier driver

  • Delivered food to customers in punctual and safe manner
  • Communicated route progress to customers, noting traffic and construction issues to avoid delays for critical deliveries.
  • Established lasting relationships with customers by delivering food on time, interacting professionally and responding promptly to questions.
  • Inspected vehicle prior to delivery, checking for proper stowage of packages.
  • Developed strong sense of most efficient routes to avoid traffic and construction on local roads and highways.

courier driver

  • Loading, unloading, preparing, inspecting and operating the delivery vehicle
  • Sub contracted with Atlas Transport to pick up and deliver for BOC Gas
  • Drove HR Truck (up to 8 Tonne)
  • Used UHF radio to coordinate jobs

courier driver

  • Planned routes and sorted packages accordingly to dropping-off points
  • Used Motorola Power Pad pocket PC device to records delivery package, and pickup package
  • Defined the quickest route to delivery addresses; demonstrated ability to read maps and plan routes and work
  • Provided extensive customer service
  • Preformed pre-trip and post- trip on vehicle and equipment
  • Use FedEx vehicles, such as cargo van and truck 
  • Attended and participated in training to remain aware of current trends, advancements, best practices in safe driving, and the safe handling of heavy loads.

courier driver

  • Deliver/Pick up Goods
  • Unload Containers
  • Pick/Stack Pallets
  • Paperwork (POD and Stock lists)

courier driver

  • Report to base early morning. 
  • Sorting out packages.
  • Deliver packages according to runsheet from Monday-Friday.
  • Food deliveries on Saturday