corporate controller

  • Provided financial statements, including detailed manufacturing measurements (variances, labor, burden absorption, etc.) and written analysis for this 3-plant operation.
  • Managed the annual audit of the company’s financial statements, including the consolidation with its holding company and 5 affiliate companies.
  • Improved inventory accuracy by correcting labor and work-in-process reporting; standardizing the cycle count program; and defining parameters to identify and measure slow-moving inventory. 
  • Managed the company’s cash accounts, including disbursements and bank line activity. 
  • Coordinated the preparation of federal, state and local tax returns. Implemented sales tax return software to automate the preparation of returns in 21 states.
  • Administered the employee benefits program, including the self-funded medical insurance plan that required analysis of claims experience and stop-loss costs for plan design recommendations. 
  • Supervised employees in the areas of accounting, credit, and payroll.