Andrew Smith

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Professional Summary

Self-motivated, knowledgeable telecommunications professional, electrical coordinator, and planner offering over 15 years of experience working across a broad range of facilities and systems while ensuring high-levels of quality and control.  Strong ability to manage cross-functional teams while maintaining collaborative working relationships.

Innovative, hard-working project management and communications executive equipped.

Employment history

Senior Control Room Operator, Rippin-O'Hara. Rogahnborough, Colorado
Oct. 2018 – Apr. 2019
  • Implement controls to provide security for operating systems, software, and data.
  • Assess existing facilities’ needs for new or modified telecommunications systems.
  • Monitor and analyze system performance, such as network traffic, security, and capacity.

Control Room Operator, Schuppe-Jones. East Giovannitown, Georgia
Oct. 2012 – Aug. 2013
  • Working on uplink and downlink services from satellite communication.
  • Controlling audio and video devices from Master Control Room.
  • Learning software of Pebble beach which is important part of transmittion.

Control Room Operator, Bergstrom, Halvorson and Considine. Port Kellichester, Maryland
May. 2010 – Jun. 2010
  • Working on uplink and downlink services from satellite communication.
  • Controlling audio and video devices from Master Control Room.
  • Learning software of Pebble beach which is important part of transmittion.


The Predovic, North Charlette, Illinois
High School Diploma, Diploma Of Associate Engineer

Eastern Hartmann University, North Perry, Alaska
SSC, Matric


Digital Audio



Ms Office

Organized skills





Andrew Smith

Professional Summary

Energentic, hard worker, and a team leader. I always do ervything i can in a shift to better the company, never leaving work thinking i didnt do evrything i could to better a bad situation. I love working as a team, and like to keep good positive energy in my crew. If someone is struggling, with work or non work related issues, i try to keep them psoitive and make sure they are able to keep a strong mind on the job.

I see myself as a valuable asset in the position I am in now, but I am forever expand my knowledge and skills. New opportunitys is how i grow, and I am always up for new challenges.

Employment history

Senior Control Room Operator, White, Jacobi and Brekke. Evalynberg, Indiana
Nov. 2019 – Present
The roll of a SCRO consists of many things. It is my duty to control the flows through the area, whilst conversing with the other areas of the plant of the refineries capabilitties and restrictions. As I monitor the equipment and throughputs through the area I always keep the safety of my team in the field at the forefront of my mind, informing them if  any equipment that is running at crital levels or capasities and call evacuations if needed. Every job i do has a work proceedure, which i follow to ensure I am doing the job safely for my team, and to protect the equipment I am controlling. Checking lab sample results is also an important role of an SCRO, to make sure we are optimising the quality of our product.

During the shift I liaise with;
 the operator in the filed- as they perform routine and break in equipment swaps
the duty supervisors- discussing plant restrictioions and safety issues and how to perform tasks to improbve them
other areas- to maximise plant performance
Process engineers- to maximise product quality and plant performise

Even though I have only been signed off as an SCRO since October, this is a roll I have been performing since 2015. Acting as a releif CRO for my team and then completing all my training.

Senior Refinery Process Operator, Lubowitz-Mills. Hilllstad, Washington
Dec. 2016 – Mar. 2018
SRPO is a role like a RPO, but with more knowledge of the plant and understanding of the process. I was a mentor to the new trainees, showing them work proceedures and how the equipment works. It was my reponsiblity to do the more advanced isolations, help my team with the major swaps and outages, perform the atmosphere tests on the CSEP outsages, and fault find/ troubleshoot issues with the equipment not performing. i leanrt the circuits for caustic cleaning the equipment and the requirements that need to be met to maintain our equipment. As an SRPO i also began to learn alot about the chemistry side of the process and why we need to reach certain targets to acheive optimum production.

Refinery Process Operator, Mante LLC. Yurikoville, Wisconsin
Feb. 2014 – Mar. 2014
Becoming a RPO was when i began to further expand my knowledge of the process. It was my duty to perform routine and break in swaps of the equipment. I became an Isolation officer in my traineeship, but began to take on more complex isolations as a RPO. doing checks of the equipment was one of my jobs and ensuring there was no safety issues in the facilities i owned. Housekeeping my area as i performed my jobs and giving thorough hand overs of the area to oncoming crews was a standard i always held high.

Trainee Refinery Process Operator, Collier LLC. Gaylordburgh, Michigan
Jul. 2012 – Dec. 2012
As a trainee, it was my roll to learn the all processes of the area, Precipitation. From the plants flows and targets, to the safety and training protocols.

Chef, Conroy-Kuhn. Jannetberg, Nebraska
Mar. 2011 – May. 2011
Working in this busy bistro/ bar style kitchen on the beach was always busy. Dealing with high pressure situations while keeping a cool head was a great skill i picked up while working here.
When rostered on, I was always the only chef, so it was my job to direct the wait staff and kitchen aids to acheive a smooth running service with happy customers.

Trade Assistant, Pouros-Casper. East Shane, North Carolina
Apr. 2010 – Aug. 2010
As a TA, i was helping the tradesmen work on the expansion of the Bunbury Forum. This was alot on manual labour. I would assist in the demolition of the old walls and ceiling and help put in the new rooms. From concreting, to plastering and bricklaying. I learnt alot about the different trades.

Operator, Goyette Group. Hilllchester, Virginia
Apr. 2009 – Jun. 2009
In the drymill at Wespine, it was my roll to grade the wood, operate the fixed plant equipment and monitor it as the wood was cut, treated, stacked and wrapped.

Commis Chef, Davis-Weber. Nevilleside, New Mexico
Jan. 2009 – Feb. 2009
Finishing my apprenticeship, i was able to run both an ala-carte and a function kitchen. Doing stock take of the inventory, and ordering all the stock needed for the kitchens. I was designing menus and was standing in as team leader, planning and prepping food for events such as wedding and wine dinners. When the Head and Sous chef boith left, i was put into the role of planning the events food and the team rosters for the weeks. 

Apprentice Chef, Sawayn-Crooks. Loumouth, Utah
Jan. 2005 – Jan. 2008
Learn the different methods of cooking, the way kitchens and front of house service work as a team, complete CERT. II, III and IV in comercial cookery.


Northern Nevada University, Kshlerinton, Delaware
CERT. 2 & 3 Process Plant Operations, Fixed Plant Operations, Aug. 2013

Southern Senger Academy, Millerside, New Hampshire
CERT. 4 Commercial Cookery, Cooking, Oct. 2006

South Okuneva, New Odell, Delaware
CERT. 3 Commercial Cookery, Cooking, Oct. 2005

Southern Franecki College, Monnieville, Nebraska
CERT. 2 Commercial Cookery, Cooking, Sep. 2004

Personal info


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000


SWI Proceedures

Personal Management


Process Knowledge

control room operator

  • Computer monitoring of alarm systems
  • Ensure timeliness, completeness and administrative requirements accuracy.
  • Submit internal Work Orders for equipment failures.
  • Receive and reply to calls on organizations and agencies.

control room operator

  • Monitoring of sites. 
  • Creating reports for clients. 
  • Calling the sites to report activities. 
  • Assessing potential intrusions and reporting to the relevant site. 

control room operator

  • Reply to production floor requests and machine stoppage alerts.
  • Oversee productions and process key metrics for operating plant machinery within parameters.
  • Assess machine logs and support Maintenance team to troubleshoot.
  • Handle equipment maintenance and tag-out as per standard operating procedures.

control room operator

  • Co-ordinate the working arrangements of employees as per the direction of Superintendent/OP/North, Hyderabad. 
  • Responsible for scheduling meetings for all employees; escorts visitors to staff members’ offices, along with provides hospitality service arrangements as requested by staff. 
  • Compose and distribute inter-departmental memorandums (e-mail, documentary and voice) ensuring timely delivery and receipt of important information while at the time maintaining confidentiality. 
  • Responsible for making domestic and intercity travel arrangements for senior-level executives via the Internet, Established and maintains records management system for all incoming and outgoing correspondence. 
  • Dispatched four messengers on bank runs on assignments as requested by management, coordinating trips to ensure the multiple stops were made each time. Organize, sort and assign mail distribution for all the employees. 
  • Handling of the DISCOM records, report generating of the theft cases for all the Sub-divisions, Circles and ERO’s. 

control room operator

  • Adhere to plant operational procedures for production goal achievement and handle work safely.
  • Performed structure rounds Distributed Control System (DCS) Panel/Field and take corrective action to maintain equipment and plant operations within safe operating windows.
  • Testing on Fire & Gas system and Fire Fighting equipment.
  • Input operational system status with applicable journals and control system tools.
  • Function as plant operation to calibrate and troubleshoot automation, power and building interface systems.
  • Gain awareness of system operating requirements and trends and suggest operating adjustment suggestions.
  • Manage electrical and mechanical equipment and facilities with the competency of a plant operator.

control room operator

  • Electronic Cargo tracking on transits goods.
  • Logging , reporting of position of vehicles and operations transgressions on real time basis 
  • Incident Management and Reporting 
  •  Monitor and control vehicle functions on a real time basis
  • IT Support-software and hardware maintenance and installation.

control room operator

  • Worked with the Ross Xpression generating graphics for our daily newscasts
  • Managed a Wheatstone Audio Board
  • Operated multiple studio cameras at the same time
  • Troubleshot technical problems before and during the show in order to maintain a successful broadcast to our viewers.
  • Supervised and coordinate the work of camera, lighting, design, and sound crew members.
  • Planned details such as framing, composition, camera movement, sound, and actor movement for each shot or scene.

control room operator

  • Working on uplink and downlink services from satellite communication.
  • Controlling audio and video devices from Master Control Room.
  • Learning software of Pebble beach which is important part of transmittion.
  • Responding to unscheduled delays and incidents disseminating information to the Dispatch Desk and relevant Customer Care Representative.

control room operator

  • Monitor cameras and alarm, then respond accordingly
  • Respond to medical events
  • Follow protocols for maintaining the security of the CCTV Control Room and its facilities.
  • Submission of shift report detailing all activities and incidents with the shift.

control room operator

  • The following is an overview of the roles and functions of the Control Room Operator.
  • The Roles and functions:-.
  • Monitor and operate all designated closed circuit television cameras and associated equipment in the CCTV control room.
  • Detect and report incidents, accidents and illegal activities to relevant authorities.
  • Identify, track and locate company units within Trinidad and Tobago using Global Positioning Software.
  • Maintain accurate records of data recordings and events, using incident-reporting software.
  • Responsible for the principle monitoring of buses on roadways, detecting increased speed levels and operational offences.

control room operator

  • Developed sharp observation skills for noticing inmates, civilians, special details and effects.
  • Daily use of radios to communicate with team members.
  • Conducted and organized monthly audits, and maintained CCTV and other security measures.
  • Responded immediately to emergency incidents and security requests. Monitored and cleared all personnel entering and departing from a secured area.
  • Trained new operators, and maintained a safe and secure environment for staff and civilians.
  •  Accurately prepared and completed reports, records, logs and related documents. Acted quickly in emergency situations; analyzed circumstances and adopted effective courses of action; exercised sound judgment under pressure.
  • Developed a high level of computer knowledge.