computer system analyst

  • Automate the email deployment, build and test process to get a Continuous Integration cycle. This has reduced human effort by 90%.
  • Analyze the daily delivery of 1,000+ responsive emails in different languages for different countries reaching different email services and mobile devices.
  • Built around 50+ new templates each release cycle in new languages for new countries.    
  • Training new hire for NIC Level debugging, testing and troubleshooting.

senior computer system analyst

  • Launched 3 new line of OEM networking adapters.
  • Help manage OEM networking cards through the entire product cycle from product inception, design requirements, sample production, testing, validation, forecast analysis, mass production, delivery, after sales support till EOL.
  • Design project plan, roadmaps, schedule, requirement gathering, coordinate operational activities with CM, engineering team, customers, vendors etc.
  • Work with vendors, OEM customers, system integrators and global engineering team (US, Asia, Europe) on Technical issues.
  • Failure analysis, debugging, firmware and compatibility testing, troubleshooting, validation and testing of computer server and integral components.
  • Provide high-level support for Network and NIC issues to customers, sales, and engineering teams worldwide to successfully diagnose and resolve bugs.
  • Testing of new features and technologies being introduced in the market.