• 3D Modeling
  • Texture art
  • Shot Lighting
  • Video Compositing

senior compositor

  •  In first 3 months Integra had given me training in all the concepts of publishing like Xml, Pagination, Proof reading, Compare and Quality Checking.
  •  After 3 months I had been brought up to floor as an FTR, i.e., First Time Right under single member cell concept, where I did pagination, compare, proof reading and quality check for a whole Journal.
  •  Then I had been promoted as a senior FTR/Compositor in Journals division.
  •  Being a senior FTR I had the full responsibility of some journals (i.e., some estimated pages per year) from first proof, Issue line up to till it goes online and printer.
  •  I was good in Quality Checking of journals, in First Pass aspect and Printer aspect too.
  •  I had the ability to manage styles in applications even if it is not fixed in template.
  •  I had good experience in working with tables, equations and complex styles.