Andrew Smith

Professional Summary

Seeking employment in a challenging environment that allows for a personal growth and career advancement possibilities, energetic, self-starting professional with 4 years full time experience. Honest and trustworthy individual with a strong work ethic. Poised and competent with demonstrated ability to multi task challenging and deadline driven situations. Passionate about quality control and contact with customer.

Employment history

COMPLIANCE AUDITOR, Moen, Greenfelder and Schneider. Willstad, Maine
Nov. 2019 – Present
The Main task to ensure that regulation guidelines are being followed and regulations are being met. This will include reviewing records, reports, software and any other relevant programs and activities affected by regulations. Following an audit make recommended changes to 

procedures or practices that are not in compliance with stated regulations and help to implement a plan to address such changes.

The compliance plan of the company is regarded with the regulations that include in FAR 52.222-50, Kuwait Labor law, KSCR1-2.

To ensure the regulations has been followed and being met in assurance I have a compliance team to perform audits and inspections.

Being with the team we perform all kinds of activities to make subcontractors of our company (Vectrus) are complies with regulations and the compliance plan (combating trafficking in persons plan)

To ensure the subcontractors are complies with regulations and compliance plan we perform

·         Monthly and Quarterly housing audit to ensure that the employees have a good living condition, to make sure they have all facilities should be provided by the employer which is mentioned in the Kuwait Labor Law and KSCR1-2.
·         Semiannual vehicle inspection to ensure the conditions of the vehicle provided by the employer is adequate and good in condition.
·         Semiannual Management Review to make sure the company has all documents regarding the employees, salary statements, over time rates, signed employment contract, passport declaration documents, CTIPs Training documentations, repatriation, annual paid leave, end of service benefits, air fare etc.
·         Monthly employee interviews to ensure the employees are aware about the Trafficking in persons and to make sure that they underwent the training for CTIPs. Secondly to enquire that they have any grievances about the company or subordinates etc. 

We have the detailed check list for housing audits, vehicle and management reviews. We have a detailed questionnaire for the CTIPs employee interview.

QUALITY CONTROLLER, Oberbrunner and Sons. Cruickshankfort, Montana
Apr. 2017 – Nov. 2017
·         Scheduled soft service inspection and adult in facility, community and residential area
·         Reporting to the concerned authority and help desk regarding the issues and follow up to ensure the rectification
·         Concentrating and highlighting to other sections such as maintenance,horticulture,pest control and HSE issues to the authority
·         Preparing daily reports, audit and inspection reports. Review and follow up of helpdesk report etc.
·         Preparing tentative work schedules, duty roster, monthly overtime and allocation of daily assigned and knowledge about all cleaning activities.
·         Commitment to tasks with prompt decision and problem solving solutions
·         Periodic follow ups with the team members to ensure tasks are completed correctly and in a timely manner
·         Inter personnel ability to communicate with different levels of employees

PRODUCTION CONTROLLER, Lind, Jacobson and Schmitt. Carmenland, Colorado
Jun. 2014 – Dec. 2014
·         Monitoring working performance, if necessary support with all arising works (e.g. during setting up)
·         Monitor working performance, verify working results
·         Have a say in design of workplaces and facilities. the improvement proposals
·         Analyze defects, reworks and rejects and provide results to quality assurance
·         Preparation and monitoring of working performance
·         Preparation of working plans in consideration of capacity (employees, machines and facilities) in consultation with production supervisors and Senior Deponent
·         Optimizing organizational and manufacturing technical order flows from order entry to shipment


Anderson Academy, South Sydney, West Virginia

Personal info


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000







compliance auditor

  • Composed and drafted outgoing correspondence and reports for managers 
  • Completed over 20 compliance audits per month 
  • Displayed meticulous attention to detail when gathering and analyzing data 

sr. compliance auditor

  •  Assisted manager and above in developing client’s internal audit scope and testing plans.
  • Created operational, financial and compliance audit programs and reviewed and approved corresponding work papers completed by audit staff ensuring timely turnover to client and external auditors.
  • Developed and implemented internal controls, risk control matrices and narrative documentation for leading Retail and Consumer initiating an IPO. 
  • Demonstrated autonomous decision making and critical thinking skills in performing analytical procedures, ensuring the effectiveness of the scope of the audit; increasing or decreasing testing to commensurate with control risk and audit findings. 
  • Interfaced with clients in all phases of the audit procedures including planning, fieldwork, and reporting. 
  • Responsibilities included client interviews, procurement of client documentation, and working closely with management to deliver a quality audit.
  • Coached and managed newly hired associates on audit methodology, client business processes and internal audit structure.