Andrew Smith


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287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

Recent graduate equipped with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Biotechnology and Business Management with a concentration in Business, Research and Management eager to join a reputable organization to begin a fulfilling, lifelong career.  Extensive technical knowledge in Engineering, Biotechnology and Business Management.   Additional analytical skills and leadership qualities. 

Employment history

Aug. 2019 – Present
Groverview, Kentucky
Communication officer, O’Connell, Bauch and Torphy

Volunteering for Hazara Council of Great Britain as a communication officer, I am given the opportunity to use my skills in my own time to help have a positive impact.
since joining the team I have:
  • Developed a website 
  • Developed a spreadsheet to help the organisation with annual financial reports 
  • Helped with multiple fundraising events  

Nov. 2016 – Feb. 2017
New Chet, Massachusetts
Director/owner, Sporer Inc

  • Management of this local restaurant that was established in 1989
  • Development of an online platform to receive online orders 
  • Market research and advertisement through social media and other third-party companies which led to a 40 % increase in the number of online orders in 2018
  • Stock management 
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys in person and online
  • Measure ingredients required for specific food items being prepared. sanitation, health, and safety standards in work areas.
  • Maintain sanitation, health, and safety standards in work areas.

Jun. 2015 – Jul. 2015
Mauricioview, Vermont
Intern, Heidenreich-Mayer

  • Evaluate the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of biomedical equipment.
  • Design and develop a fixator to help speed up the fractured bone healing process 
  • Develop data models and databases.

Jul. 2014 – Aug. 2014
Charmaineburgh, Arkansas
Fundraiser, Kuhn and Sons

  Fundraising on behalf of Oxfam, Mencap and Bernardos to help people in need.

Jun. 2013 – Aug. 2013
Kristenberg, Colorado
Engineering Trainee, McDermott Group

  • Basic electrical and mechanical Engineering
  • Research, design, evaluate, install, operate, and maintain mechanical products, equipment, systems and processes to meet requirements, applying knowledge of engineering principles.
  • Investigate equipment failures and difficulties to diagnose faulty operation, and to make recommendations to the maintenance crew.


Aug. 2019
Master of Science: Medical Biotechnology and Business Management

  • West New York College – Felicitasfurt, Missouri

Apr. 2018
Bachelor of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

  • Greenfelder University – Schambergermouth, Ohio

Jun. 2017
One year study Placement: Mechanical Engineering

  • Jaskolski Academy – North Claytonport, Virginia


Scientific Computing

Graphics and Design

Business Analysis




IT literate

Project Management

communication officer

  • Consult with advertising agencies or staff to arrange promotional campaigns in all types of media for products, organizations, or individuals. 
  • Drafted proposals and policy briefs leading to organization’s engagements with stakeholders 
  •  Respond to crisis, the highlight of which was the dropping of a lawsuit against the organization by a renowned celebrity for the allege use of image without authorization 
  • Planned media monitoring activities and engaged organization’s audience by leveraging available media platforms for the desired media presence 
  • Developed creative contents, and took responsibility for the management of the organization’s social media handles. 
  • Featured over a thousand creative works and news articles on the organization’s website

communication officer

  • Developed a website 
  • Developed a spreadsheet to help the organisation with annual financial reports 
  • Helped with multiple fundraising events  
  • Counsel former children, single mothers, widows, vulnerable families, or communities regarding issues including education, child care, medical care, mental health, poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, physical abuse, rehabilitation, or social adjustment. 

communication officer

  •  Assisting in the AfCFTA negotiation process, towards the signing of the Agreement and finalizing of phase one issues. 
  • Report and speech drafting. 
  • Coordination of the timely production of communication materials to support AUC communication strategy and priorities 
  • Produce and disseminate information to all within the departments and commission about the workings of the division.
  • communication with Member States, RECs, and other Stakeholders.
  • Media Relations.

communication officer

  • FOH and BOH for Witness: The Archive of Cultural Revolution by Li Zhensheng. 
  • FOH and BOH for The Archive as Conversation by various artists.
  • BOH for Menagerie by Roger Ballen (Exhibitions, talk and book signing event)
  • FOH for A room with a view (Exhibition, tours and talks)
  • FOH for Daido Moriyama: Prints and Books from 1960s- 1980s (Opening party and showcase)

communication officer

  •  Developed 2 annual reports, 10 newsletters, 11 info-graphics, 4 brochures 18 success stories, 14 fact sheets and good numbers of posters, stickers, banners, articles and press releases. 
  • Arranged 3 learning, sharing events, 12 campaigns, 3 workshops at the national level along with 120 campaigns at the local level. 
  • Introduced Official Facebook page and website along with regular updates. 
  • Created network and partnerships with the like-minded organizations and UN bodies. 
  • Prepared project progress and completion reports along with evaluation and event reports. 
  • Captured and archived high-quality photos and arranged a photo exhibition.