Andrew Smith


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

In short i am passionate in working under the customer service sector as i enjoy meeting with new people and learning new things each and everyday. Since i have the most experience working under the healthcare industry i would hope to be able to continue to do so. In addition, i am dedicated to the work i do and i give my all in hoping to be able to help the company achieve greater success.

Employment history

Jan. 2018 – Jun. 2018
West Montyport, Vermont
Clinic Assistant, Grant and Sons

I have been working in Faith Healthcare for a year and through this job it makes me learnt so much things which i might not learn in other industry such as:
  • Prepare and administer medications as directed by a physician.
  • Explain medications to patients and schedule appointments for them
  • Contact medical facilities or departments to schedule patients for tests or admission.
  • Registering the patients
  • Monthly Stocktaking
  • Assisting with the doctor; Wound dressing or helping out in various procedures
  • Claiming
  • Prepare and administer medications as directed by a physician.

Sep. 2016 – Dec. 2016
Francescotown, Wisconsin
Server, Sanford, Paucek and Hilll

I have been working in Coldshave for roughly a year. Since it was a small cafe it only requires one person to work alone per day, thus my job scope basically covers everything a server has to do such as:
  • Clean service or seating areas.
  • Prepare or serve the food item; Shaved Ice with flavours
  • Provide customers with product details
  • Receive and process customer payments.
  • Preparation of food

Oct. 2015 – Dec. 2015
South Phoebeborough, Virginia
Intern, Hoppe-Cormier

I have been interning in International SOS for roughly 2-3 months and i was being assigned to help out with the receptionist so i have a basic idea of the job scope of being a receptionist and what the job scope are like.


Jun. 2018
Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism

  • Eastern Gutkowski – Williamsonberg, New Jersey

Feb. 2016
Higher National Certificate in Human Resource and Administration

  • West Colorado College – Fadelside, Virginia

O Level

  • Kautzer College – Lake Marlin, Kentucky

N Level

  • East Raynor Institute – Aliciahaven, Ohio


  • Northern Murray Institute – Janiebury, New Jersey


Communication Skills


Time Management

Expected Salary

clinic assistant

  • Perform Routine Medical Tasks
  • Assisting to make a report

clinic assistant

  • Write-in patients data files, write patient’s prescription and give it to doctor, then call the patients to meet doctor.
  •  Helps doctor managing patients, preparing required equipment and medical tools such syringes and etc.
  • Give explanation on medicine and how to take the dosage to the patients based on doctor advice.
  • Do Electro Diagram (ECG), Dressing and X-ray.
  •  Print invoices or Clinic Statements.
  • Key-in data in GST system and clinic’s system.
  • Assist clinic staff checking stocks and medical supplier.

clinic assistant

  • Organised patient’s record and medicine.
  • Assist doctor when handling patient. 
  •  Managing Appointments
  •  Arranging Medicines and Lenses 

clinic assistant

  • Assist Register Nurse with students care such as basic first aid, administer medication and inhalers. Data Entry, answer phone, file, order medical supplies, organize clinic. Communicate with parents regarding there children that came into clinic. Basic first aid to staff members.
  • Assist in registering patient 
  • Dispense Medicine
  • Assist Doctors 

clinic assistant

  • Demonstrate care, empathy and professionalism in delivering prompt and excellent frontline services to patients.
  • Handling of the registration of patient’s visits, appointment scheduling, collection of payments.
  • Handling of the administration of patient’s records.
  • Assist in dispensing and explaining of medication to patients. 
  • Logistics planning 

clinic assistant

  • Assist in wound dressing.
  • Chaperon the doctors when required.
  • Dispense medicines.
  • Handles all blood, urine and stool samples, and keeping a detailed record before sending them to Quest Lab.
  • Measures patients’ blood pressure and temperature taking.
  • Perform ECG on patients.
  • Perform nebulization on patients.

clinic assistant

  • Assisted with filing, appointments and updated patient documents.
  • Checked-in patients and recorded their temperature, height, weight, and blood pressure before the physician met them. 
  • Ensured that the office and lobby are clean and stocked. 
  • Manage pharmacy operations, performing administrative duties.

clinic assistant

  • Assisted doctor during consultations with patients and parents.
  • Received, filed, labelled and dispensed medications prescribed by the doctor to patients.
  • Assisted doctor in preparing extemporaneous preparations.
  • Received ordered medications and milk from suppliers as consented by doctor.
  • Assisted doctor during child specialized procedures: injections, nebulizations, blood sample withdrawals and so on.
  • Assisted doctor in dispensary inventory control: restocking.
  • Basic administrative duties, blood and urine samples handling for laboratory test.

clinic assistant

  • Meet & attend to client’s needs and queries
  • Set appointments for clients
  • Render first-hand service & dispatch medications according to doctor’s prescription
  • Assist doctors in procedures
  • Manage medication drawer & clinic’s inventory

clinic assistant

  • Assist patients on registration and procedure scheduling
  • Provide feedback and advice to online queries from potential customers  
  • Assess and prepare patients prior to procedures
  • Assist doctor during surgeries
  • Dispense medications as prescribed by doctor
  • Arrange and remind on post procedure follow up 

clinic assistant

  • Assist doctor in surgery & aesthetic operation
  • Various claim processing e.g.: Insurance Co & Government Sector
  • Responsible to issue cheque
  • Prepare daily report for patient
  • Issue requisite
  • Monitoring petty cash & reimbursement

clinic assistant

  • Explain medications to patients and schedule appointments for them
  • Registering the patients
  • Monthly Stocktaking
  • Assisting with the doctor; Wound dressing or helping out in various procedures
  • Claiming

clinic assistant

  • Answer phone calls-attend to patient enquiries and arrange appointment
  • Keying and dispensing medicine, billings & collections
  • Prepare supplier payment
  • Prepare daily report for doctor
  • Sourcing of quotation-purchasing
  • Monitoring petty cash & reimbursements

clinic assistant

  • Registering
  • Assist doctor in minor surgery
  • Dispensing medicine
  • Claim process
  • Area cleaning

clinic assistant

  • Receives, screens, interviews, and registers patients
  • Arranges for prescribed laboratory tests, specialist referrals, and/or diagnostic procedures
  • Orders and maintains inventories of supplies, as required to support day-to-day unit clinical and administrative operations
  • Assisting with examinations and routine procedures

clinic assistant

  • Compound and dispense medications as prescribed by doctors 
  • Provide specialized services to help patients manage conditions such as diabetes, asthma, smoking cessation, or high blood pressure, by calculating, weighing, measuring, and mixing ingredients, or oversee these activities.
  • Involved with ensuring the smooth running of the front desk 
  • Preparing treatment and examination rooms for patients