Andrew Smith


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

Dependable, ambitious, customer-focused leader offering 3 years of experience working in reputable department store and child care faculty includes parents as customers.
2+ years in private child care supervising and monitoring child safety, preparing and organizing meals/snacks and developing schedules/routines ensuring physical activity, rest, and playtime. Adept at employing the Microsoft Excel program for monitoring children’s progress, routines, and interests.

Employment history

May. 2016 – Present
Vashtiberg, Alabama
Child Care Teacher, Rolfson-Wehner

  • Read to children and teach them simple painting, drawing, handicrafts, and songs.
  • Create developmentally appropriate lesson plans.
  • Identify signs of emotional or developmental problems in children and bring them to parents’ or guardians’ attention.
  • Support children’s emotional and social development, encouraging understanding of others and positive self-concepts.
  • Maintain a safe play environment.
  • Observe and monitor children’s play activities.
  • Communicate with children’s parents or guardians about daily activities, behaviors, and related issues.

Nov. 2015 – Dec. 2015
Rolfsonfort, Oregon
Sales Associate, Tremblay, Stoltenberg and Torp

  • Set up and arrange displays or demonstration areas to attract the attention of prospective customers.
  • Suggest specific product purchases to meet customers’ needs.
  • Identify interested and qualified customers to provide them with additional information.
  • Stock shelves with products.
  • Demonstrate or explain products, methods, or services to persuade customers to purchase products or use services.
  • Keep areas neat while working and return items to correct locations following demonstrations.


Associate of Science: Veterinarian Technician

  • Northern Murphy – West Marcellus, New York

May. 2015
High School Diploma

  • Eastern Nitzsche – West Sha, Illinois


Microsoft Office



Problem Solving

Customer Service

child care teacher

  • Supervised and engaged infants and children in age appropriate activities while providing for their basic needs such as comforting, nurturing, feeding, changing diapers, and maintaining an activity schedule.

child care teacher

  • Serving meals and refreshments to children at meal times.
  • Help children with homework and school work. (When working with school aged children)
  • Sterilize bottles and prepare formulas. (When working with Infants/Toddlers)
  • Take attendance and make phone calls.
  • Accompany children to and from school, summer time activities and outings, such as games and field trips. (Certified to Drive Mini Bus)
  • Organize and conduct age-appropriate recreational activities, such as games, arts and crafts, off-cite outings, small and gross motor play. 
  • Observe children’s behavior for irregularities, take temperature,  or administer medications, as directed, to maintain children’s health.