Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000
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Professional Summary

Results-driven senior-level Devops (CI&CD) manager and engineer armed with a graduate degree and 12 years’ experience.  Dedicated to improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability of organizations through the development and execution of innovative, cost-effective solutions.  Adept at leading teams in the optimization of processes and procedures within organisation.

Employment history

Senior Chief Engineer, Jaskolski LLC. Taraville, North Dakota
Jun. 2012 – Present
I am working here as Devops engineer . I am handling all CI & CD activities .  

I am Responsible for

Ø  Design and develop continuous deployment pipeline, integrating github, Git , Jenkins across geographically separated hosting zones in AWS and Google compute. 
Ø  Deployment Tool Like spinnaker maintenance and administration 
Ø  Developing CI/CD roadmap and implementing to the project 
Ø  AWS & GCP services administration: IAM, VPC, DNS, Storage , CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, Networking 
Ø  Monitor, analyze, and report performance statistics for cloud hosted environments 
Ø  Base on requirement scale up the service. 

Software Engineer, Robel-Cartwright. Karolynton, Mississippi
May. 2006 – Nov. 2006
Ø  Good exposure in Debugging the Configuration/compilation errors and resolve the same and generate successful compiled binary . 
Ø  Preparing SIMULATOR Build (VC++) for SHP Application . 
Ø  Understanding of Flash/download procedure for Monile. 
Ø  Daily sync up the google android source code and follow-up with release. 


Crooks University, Konopelskiborough, Mississippi
Master of Science, Quality Assurance, Mar. 2014

North Christiansen, Hettingertown, Missouri
Bachelor of Science, Mar. 2004




Github, git





chief engineer

  • Plan budgets and arrange for purchases .
  • Interior Painting/wall patching
  • Diagnose network controlled lighting systems
  • Fireplace maintenance and repair

chief engineer

  • Repair and maintain assets including network infrastructure, HVAC and mechanical systems, and electrical systems
  • Track maintenance for entire property
  • Resolve ongoing property issues
  • Implement cyber security policies
  • Administrator to local domain
  • Minor plumbing repair
  • Basic woodworking

chief engineer

  • Chief Engineer, Broadcast/building/tower project management.
  • Disaster impact prevention and recovery.
  • State and local government liaison.
  • Fleet Management.

chief engineer

  • Clean and maintain pools and equipment. Test and treat water supply.
  • Order parts, supplies, and equipment from catalogs and suppliers, or obtain them from storerooms. 
  • Paint or repair roofs, windows, doors, floors, woodwork, plaster, drywall, or other parts of building structures. maintenance.
  • Provided training to supervisors and leadership personnel.

chief engineer

  • Ordering, receiving, stowing and issuing of engine room stores and spare parts. 
  • Organizing effective temporary and permanent repairs. 
  • Implementing corrective and planned preventive maintenance schedule  of all shipboard machinery, electrical appliances and systems. 
  • Maintaining necessary logs and records of maintenance conducted and  prospective repairs (shipyard repair) work lists of engineering  activities. 

chief engineer, product engineer

  • Responsible for all aspects of the manufacturing process.
  • Developed new products from concept, engineering, to manufacturing.
  • Supervised 38 employees.
  • Established production plans.
  • Verified inventories.
  • Made customer site visits. Engaged in conversations to expand our product and meet the customer needs.
  • Provided technical information to plants and all levels of management.

chief engineer

  • Vessel and barge maintenance.
  • Participated in all vendors’ evaluation for ammonia plant equipment and involved in final vendor selection.
  • Carried out many inspections on vendor shops and ensured quality plans of fabrication activities as per the agreed specifications.
  • Lead SAFCO team during hazop study of the process.

chief engineer

  • Connect and disconnect transfer hoses.
  • Monitor all loadings and discharges to ensure safe transfers of cargo product.
  • Secure cargo systems.
  • Building tow and housekeeping duties.

chief engineer

  • Coordinate with other professionals, such as contractors, engineers, and third parties, to ensure job success.
  • Follow ethical codes that protect the confidentiality of information. review specifications or orders for the purchase of safety equipment, ensuring that proper features are present and that items conform to health and safety standards.
  • Direct or coordinate activities of engineering or technical personnel involved in designing, fabricating, modifying, or testing of ship’s equipment
  • Write technical reports or other documentation, such as handbooks or bulletins, for use by engineering staff, management, or customers..

chief engineer , safco-iv project

  • Joined SAFCO-IV project as project chief engineer for ammonia and utilities.
  • Participated in preparation activities of new project ITB and project main design specifications.
  • In charge of ammonia process technology selection for the new project and actively participated in all bidder’s technical tenders evaluation.
  • Responsible to develop technical criteria for bidder’s evaluation.  
  • Actively participated in final selection of the winning contractor of the project.
  • Active participation in mega project technology evaluation and scale up risk assessment responsible to develop the technical criteria. For the assessment.
  • Responsible for ammonia plant basic and detailed engineering stages of SAFCO-iv project in main contractor offices in Germany.

chief engineer

  • Responsible for refusing unsafe work and for carrying out all work in accordance with the established safety standards and work practices.
  • Taking part in emergency and occupational onboard training such as, the use of self-contained breathing apparatus, firefighting, man overboard exercises, lifeboat launching, security drills and/or other training as applicable for the function
  • Wearing, inspecting and caring for required personal protective equipment 
  • Prepare barges for loading and discharging.

chief engineer

  • Maintain current and complete vendors’ manual for all vessel related equipment
  • Ensure, through uniform stock & quantity control that adequate inventory and level of spares is maintained at all times
  • Inform the Master when there is any doubt about the quality of the potable water
  • To be familiar with all Company procedures, including the Safety Management System, applicable to his duties

chief engineer, energy manager

  • Responsible for engineering operations, directed vendors and subcontractors during tenant improvements for over 10 million square feet of commercial, industrial and mixed-use properties.
  • Utilized advanced skills to perform complex preventive maintenance and corrective repair of buildings, HVACR, industrial systems,  equipment, and grounds.
  • Supported, upgraded, programmed all Niagara, Bacnet, Modbus, and pneumatic based BAS systems.
  •  Responsible for the Energy Star program and other energy initiatives for the portfolio.
  • Performed building “walk-throughs” and identified energy conservation measures (architectural, mechanical, electrical, etc.) in commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. 
  •  Managed the portfolio operational accounts and assisted in the development of operating and capital budgets.

chief engineer/ tankerman

  • Maintain and repair on board equipment and machinery.
  • Assist in overhauls and other major repairs and projects.
  • Manage spare parts inventory.
  • Supervise personnel assigned to the Engine Room.
  • Fuel the towboat and barges.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance of the vessel engine room equipment.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the Engine Room.

senior chief engineer

  • Appointed in Iraqi Space Research Center on November 14, 1993 as a Mechanical Engineer.
  • Direct or coordinate activities of engineering  involved in designing, fabricating, modifying, or testing of Satellite structures.
  • Participate in many projects related with Satellite Technology as a responsible of design for Satellite separation system.
  •  Working  on 

chief engineer

  • Vendor Development and Vendor Management Activities
  • Furniture manufacturing activities
  • Proposed and developed new methods for wooden and steel furniture
  • Fabrication activities for mild steel structures

chief engineer

  • Responsible for all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repair and administration of all ship board equipment and machinery including the hull
  • Responsible for accurately maintaining maintenance logs for all vessel related equipment, such as engine room equipment, mechanical and electrical, deck machinery and equipment, ship, hull, hotel facilities etc.
  • Responsible for the day to day organization of the Engine Room department onboard directly or through delegation, and the supervision thereof
  • Responsible for all reporting and history updating into the TM Master planned maintenance program
  • Responsible through delegation for computer networks and prevention of unauthorized software being installed and used
  • Responsible for the administration and upkeep of the vessel’s Planned Maintenance System
  • Responsible for the upkeep of relevant machinery surveys and certification

chief engineer

  • Developed third-party framework to collect user data.
  • Build up mobile applications(iOS and Android).韋恩名人典藏 (AR)
  • 好色 (Astrology)
  • 發Q (Receipt)
  • 觀天氣 (Weather)
  • Meteor (High school forum)

chief engineer

  • Oversee Mechanical propulsion systems of a marine vessel, including the engines, pumps, boilers and generators.  
  • Maintain electrical, ventilation, heating and cooling systems
  • Complete responsibility of the engine room and of machinery onboard the vessel.
  • Maintain inventory for any spare parts, extra fuel l and oil.
  • Ability to determine to volume of oil, fuel and lube required for each voyage and ensure that substantial quantities of each is on board.

chief engineer

  • Perform monitoring activities to ensure that ships comply with international regulations and standards for life-saving equipment and pollution preventatives.
  • In charge of the safety of the whole engine department.
  •  Works closely with the Captain, occasionally holding an equal rank, to ensure that the physical aspect of the vessel is completely under control.
  • Procure parts and services from vendors as needed for Custodial/Maintenance needs

chief engineer

  • Utilizes building automation/BAS (TRANE) to operate equipment efficiently
  • Assists with construction and renovation of buildings.
  • Performs preventative maintenance on a variety of equipment.
  • Sweat pipe and brazes when required

chief engineer

  • 15 years of Total sailing experience including 6 years of Sailing Experience on Reliq Motor LNG Vessels in various roles such as Chief Engineer, Cargo Engineer & Second Engineer. 
  • Act as liaisons between ships’ and shore personnel to ensure that schedules and budgets are maintained, and that ships are operated safely and efficiently.
  • Performs preventative maintenance on guest rooms to ensure proper functionality. 
  • Maintain compliance with fire regulations and OSHA requirements and all city inspections.

chief engineer/boiler operator/maintenance

  • All aspects of apartment maintenance including, plumbing,electrical, locks, doors, screens, appliances, irrigation, pool, make ready and community ground maintenance.
  • Oversee all facility operation including physical plant, mechanical plumbing, and maintenance assignments.
  • Operates and maintains air handlers, unit ventilators, and other HVAC equipment.
  • Operates and maintains chillers, cooling towers, chilled water pumping systems.
  • Operates and maintains boilers, heat exchanger, heating water pumping systems and other related equipment.
  • Test water properties and treats closed loop systems and cooling towers with water treatment chemicals. 
  • Repair plumbing, lighting, electrical and mechanical systems.

chief engineer

  • Head of Maintaining a 146 room Hotel .                                                       A lot of the same responsibilities as above with the exception of                daily maintenance of 3 bodies water , ( Hot tub , Pool and a                    kiddie pool with a fountain and water slide )                                          Maintain a Bar , Restaurant and full kitchen . 
  • Make sure that the crew attends all shipboard emergency drills and safety meetings.
  • Provide guidance to the crew during drills so that they know how to get out of an emergency situation safely in the minimum time possible.
  •  Follow the company guidelines and procedures for dealing with emergencies.

chief engineer

  •   The standing orders should be given in accordance with the routine maintenance schedule as laid down by the Planned Maintenance System (PMS), which is prescribed by the manufactures
  •  See that details of every operation and activity should be properly maintained in log and record books, which state the compliance of the system.
  • Ensure that necessary machine spare should be made available in the ships store by filing a proper requisition at the right time.
  • Motivate the crew to develop a “safety first” attitude in his work.

chief engineer

  •  Carry out all duties, while complying with the rules and regulations laid down by the flag state administration, IMO, and port state authorities.
  • Carry out  Frequent inspections of equipment dealing with the ship and personal safety at regular intervals of time
  •  Frequently check and try out for proper operating condition all items used for pollution prevention 
  • Lay down a set of standing orders for each crew member under my command

chief engineer

  • Inspect completed work to certify that maintenance meets standards and that Rooms
  • Verify that first aid kits and other emergency equipment, including fire extinguishers are ready for operation.
  • Administration of tower projects and transmission improvements.  
  • Ensure that all the ship’s machinery and equipment are working in an efficient manner in order to support the safe navigation of the ship.

chief engineer

  • Worked as  Chief Engineer on board Oil Tankers ( Product  & Crude ) .
  • Study  manufacturers’ manuals to determine correct repairs
  • Record parts or materials used and order or requisition new parts or materials as necessary. or operation of machinery.
  • Facilities Manager: 1 studio and 1 transmitter sites.

chief engineer

  • Holds complete responsibility for the operation of the engine room and any maintenance of machinery onboard the vessel.
  • Works closely with the Captain, occasionally holding an equal rank, to ensure that the physical aspect of the vessel is completely under control.
  • Work within a small team to ensure that all maintenance is completed efficiently and in depth.
  • Maintain and keep up to date inventory for any spare parts, extra fuel, and oil. 
  • Ensure that the engine room is well kept and prepared for inspection by higher authorities,
  • Determine the volume of oil, fuel, and lube required for each voyage and ensure that substantial quantities of each are on board.
  • Delivers the general daily operation of the engine room to primary assistant.