Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

I’m optimistic, and driven young man who seeks to do great things in the world. I have nothing but time to learn new skills, and am more then willing to be thought.  My greatest strength in life, is my will-power. My power to keep pushing forward in trying, and testing times. When others would throw in the towel, I find the solution, and create ways to solve complex issues.  I’m hopeful that you’d be willing to teach me, as I am more then willing to learn.

My name is Noah Perez-Gould, and my goal in life is  to be a Game Designer.

Employment history

Cashier Clerk, Ledner-Shields. Maeburgh, Alabama
Jun. 2019 – Present
Whilst working at smiths, I am responsible for the following.
-Bagging customers products.
-Providing Friendly, and helpful customer service.
-Cleaning restrooms, and helping with the opening of the story.
-Returning non-bought products to shelves. 
-Cart Retrieval.
-Sorting damaged goods.

Bagger (Cashier Clerk), Turcotte Group. North Nicolasland, Wyoming
Whilst working for Phantom Fireworks, I was responsible for the following. 

-Bagging Products
-Providing friendly, and polite customer service.
-Maintaining cleanliness of workstations. 
-Bringing in stray-away carts


The Ullrich, Lowemouth, Wisconsin
High School Diploma, Economics, Apr. 2017




Customer Service



cashier clerk/ stocking

  • Bring new merchandise into store 
  •  Maintain work area clean 
  • Assist customers with any questions or concerns 
  • Train and assist staff with computer usage.My job responsibilities are to handle large amounts of cash daily, my current job title would be a Cashier or Cash Clerk. Noa-Noa Cash Checking Company is the name of the job that I am currently working at, we cash checks, also we work with Western Union and other Money Transfer Companies to send money to other countries. I am an organized individual that is very punctual and tries her hardest to keep her personal life and her professional life separate. 

cashier clerk

  • Maintaining cashier station, restocking grocery bags, straightening candy and magazine isles in the checkout lane, refilling receipt tape dispensers in register
  • Count monies in cash drawers at the beginning and end of shifts to ensure accurate amounts and adequate change available during the work shift, compute and record totals of transactions
  • Retrieve shopping carts from parking lot so they are available for customers entering the store
  • Assist with duties in other areas of the store, stock shelves, mark prices on shelves and items

cashier clerk

  •   Receives daily mail receipts that have been balanced and stamped for deposit and verifies receipt.
  •  Maintains a daily cashier reconciliation recap; reports any discrepancies to management 
  •  Properly records returned checks in the accounting and patient accounting system while initiating follow-up 
  • Maintains log of daily receipts and contractual posted 8
  •  Ensures bank deposits are made each day before 9 am
  •  Maintains petty cash drawer, log, receipts and balances daily 
  •  Coordinates with accounting department in daily and monthly balancing of accounts receivable to the general ledger. This may include cash clearing, credit balance and unidentified accounts.

cashier clerk/and others

  • Count money and money handling
  • Grocery organisation
  • Help customers with their grocery
  • Warehouse receiver 
  • Customer Service Counter
  • Lottery Saleman

cashier clerk

  • Processed payments by cash, check, credit card, and debit card
  • Ensured that each customer experienced exemplary service and assistance
  • Maintained a clean work environment 
  • Prepare specialty foods such as sandwiches following specific methods that usually require short preparation time.