Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000
[email protected]
(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

Work combine with honesty, patience, loyalty, strong determination and good relation with people and quality performance where i can improve my worth in the task that will be given to me.

Been involved in different fields such as in politics, encoding/clerical jobs, in domestic chores, beauty and wellness, and recently in BPO company. 

Employment history

Call Center Associate, Zulauf, Schroeder and Stiedemann. West Korey, Illinois
Oct. 2018 – Nov. 2018
  • Solicit sales of new or additional services or products.
  • Promote company products, services, and savings plans when appropriate.

Gender and Development Focal Person, Ruecker and Sons. Skilesfurt, Oklahoma
Aug. 2016 – Sep. 2016
  • Provide direct service and support to individuals or clients, such as handling a referral for child advocacy issues, conducting a needs evaluation, or resolving complaints.
  • Research and analyze member or community needs to determine program directions and goals.
  • Represent organizations in relations with governmental and media institutions.
  • Contact corporate representatives, government officials, or community leaders to increase awareness of organizational causes, activities, or needs.

Bread Maker/ Household worker, Lind Inc. Sashaton, Florida
Oct. 2015 – Dec. 2015
  • Perform housekeeping duties, such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes or dishes, or running errands.
  • Plan, shop for, or prepare nutritious meals or assist families in planning, shopping for, or preparing nutritious meals.
  • Care for individuals or families during periods of incapacitation, family disruption, or convalescence, providing companionship, personal care, or help in adjusting to new lifestyles.
  • Wash dishes and clean kitchens, cooking utensils, and silverware.

Owner/Manager, Erdman, Heller and Bechtelar. New Delmerchester, North Dakota
Sep. 2012 – Nov. 2012
  • Anticipated spa and salon guest concerns and addressed them immediately.
  • Greeted all guests in a warm and friendly manner to create a positive first impression of the spa.
  • Communicated all client reservations to appropriate staff.
  • Called clients to confirm upcoming appointments.
  • Coordinated all aspects of guest services, including supply monitoring and facility maintenance.
  • Followed through with client requests in a timely manner.
  • Performed inventory and restocking assignments as necessary.
  • Handled guest complaints calmly and professionally.
  • Maintained the front desk workstation by keeping it clean and free of personal items.
  • Managed salon autonomously and hiring new management staff.
  • Inventoried, ordered and stocked salon product line.
  • Carefully maintained financial filing system.
  • Remained polite when speaking with difficult guests on the phone.
  • Promoted salon-exclusive products to increase retail sales.
  • Recorded inventory sales into the spa’s weekly income report.

Clerk Typist/Encoder, Treutel and Sons. Angeloburgh, South Dakota
Aug. 2009 – Dec. 2009
  • Participate in the administration of municipal elections, such as preparation or distribution of ballots, appointment or training of election officers, or tabulation or certification of results.
  • Plan and direct the maintenance, filing, safekeeping, and computerization of all municipal documents.
  • Compile, sort and verify the accuracy of data before it is entered.
  • Store completed documents in appropriate locations.
  • Locate and correct data entry errors, or report them to supervisors.
  • Use computers for various applications, such as database management or word processing.
  • Create, maintain, and enter information into databases.
  • Set up and manage paper or electronic filing systems, recording information, updating paperwork, or maintaining documents, such as attendance records, correspondence, or other material.
  • Greet visitors or callers and handle their inquiries or direct them to the appropriate persons according to their needs.

Caretaker, Kub LLC. New Francine, Hawaii
Mar. 2004 – Mar. 2005
  • Help prepare and serve nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for children.
  • Regulate children’s rest periods and nap schedules.
  • Instruct children in safe behavior, such as seeking adult assistance when crossing the street and avoiding contact or play with unsafe objects.
  • Wash dishes and clean kitchens, cooking utensils, and silverware.
  • Wash windows, walls, ceilings, and woodwork, waxing and polishing as necessary.
  • Plan menus and cook and serve meals and refreshments following employer’s instructions or own methods.
  • Perform housekeeping duties, such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes or dishes, or running errands.

Clerical job, Kreiger, Kessler and Crooks. West Xenia, Alabama
Jan. 2002 – May. 2002
  • Compare data with source documents, or re-enter data in verification format to detect errors.
  • Store completed documents in appropriate locations.
  • Select materials needed to complete work assignments.
  • Load machines with required input or output media such as paper, cards, disks, tape or Braille media.

Office Clerk/Instructor (Part time), Pollich, Pfannerstill and Gusikowski. Volkmanton, Massachusetts
Jun. 2000 – Mar. 2001
  • Answer telephones and give information to callers, take messages, or transfer calls to appropriate individuals.
  • Observe and evaluate students’ work to determine progress and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Instruct students individually and in groups, using various teaching methods such as lectures, discussions, and demonstrations.
  • Observe students to determine qualifications, limitations, abilities, interests, and other individual characteristics.
  • Attend staff meetings and serve on committees, as required.


Eastern Virginia College, Xavierfurt, Arkansas
Computer Secretarial, Jan. 2001

Ryan University, Schusterfort, California
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Jun. 1988

Eastern Feest, Judiberg, New Jersey
High School Diploma, Aug. 1986


Political monitoring

A Responder

Motorcycle driving

Seminar planning and organizing

Computer Literate

call center associate

  • Undertaking Accident Inquiries 
  • Undertaking Complaints
  • Maintain the Call Centre Manual
  • Supervising Agents

call center associate

  • Met daily quotas by addressing customer inquiries, solving problems, and providing new product information 
  • Described products to customers and accurately explained details and care of merchandise 
  • Communicated with vendors regarding back order availability, future inventory, and special orders 
  • Answered product questions with up-to-date knowledge of sales and store promotions 

call center associate

  • Answer inbound calls for Harry and David
  • Provide insight for, and help customers place orders
  • Recommend items for customers to purchase
  • Promote and upsell different items while making an order
  • Maintain a general knowledge of what items Harry and David carries
  • Navigate conversations with difficult customers and find ways to meet their needs
  • Multitask by writing information down while still placing orders

call center associate

  • Managed the completion of surveys involving a variety of subjects such as news, politics, radio, and healthcare 
  • Displayed high-level accuracy in typing for the completion of surveys; exceeding company expectations 
  • Provided positive professional customer service while responding to a high inbound call volume; exceeding company expectations
  • Maintained a professional relationship with clients and co-workers
  • Responded to customer inquiries via telephone and e-mails promptly
  • Interacted effectively with individuals/teams to ensure high quality and timely expedition of customer requests 
  • Assisted in developing activities to improve business performance and customer satisfaction 

call center associate

  • Investigated and resolved customer inquiries and complaints in a timely and empathetic manner 
  • Managed wide variety of customer service and administrative tasks to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently 
  • Built long-term customer relationships and advised customers on purchases and promotions
  • Contact customers to respond to inquiries or to notify them about their insurance policy. 

call center associate

  •  Assisting customers over phone for their needs related to everyday banking.
  •  Finding suitable resolutions to any customer’s banking issues / problems.
  • Handling responsibilities to find solutions in time bound manner. 
  • Organize and add customers to Chariteable donating mail list

call center associate

  • Inbound calls and provide detail clarification on customer’s credit file and score.
  • Review credit file disputes and recommend security package on customer’s credit file and score.
  • Provides security on customer’s credit file and credit score which serves as a sale.
  • Recommends process and script improvements in getting more sales in a day.