Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000
[email protected]
(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

Driven, dedicated, and self motivated Designer/CAD Operator offering over 15 years experience working with AUTOCAD.  Highly motivated to improve myself and your business into the future with forward thinking and eagerness to learn new skills.  With extensive knowledge in AutoCAD designing projects and doing layout packages for projects for manufacturing.  Also a vast knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Employment history

CAD Operator, Reichel Inc. Lake Lenton, Louisiana
Jan. 2020 – Present
  • Prepare permit applications or review compliance with environmental permits.
  • Obtain, update, or maintain plans, permits, or standard operating procedures.
  • Produce environmental assessment reports, tabulating data and preparing charts, graphs, or sketches.
  • Review technical documents to ensure completeness and conformance to requirements.

Designer/CAD Operator, Nader Inc. Rodriguezmouth, Alaska
Jul. 2013 – Dec. 2013
  • Prepare scale drawings.
  • Consult with clients to determine functional or spatial requirements of structures.
  • Plan layout of project.
  • Prepare information regarding design, structure specifications, materials, color, equipment, estimated costs, or construction time.
  • Conduct periodic on-site observation of work during construction to monitor compliance with plans.
  • Manage and direct staff members and the construction, operations, or maintenance activities at project site.
  • Estimate quantities and cost of materials, equipment, or labor to determine project feasibility.
  • Direct or participate in surveying to lay out installations or establish reference points, grades, or elevations to guide construction.
  • Operate computer-aided drafting (CAD) equipment or conventional drafting station to produce designs, working drawings, charts, forms and records.
  • Check dimensions of materials to be used and assign numbers to lists of materials.
  • Reproduce drawings on copy machines or trace copies of plans and drawings using transparent paper or cloth, ink, pencil, and standard drafting instruments.


West Hilll, West Ligiachester, Delaware
Associate of Applied Science, Nuclear Engineering Technology, Present

South Hawaii Academy, West Carrolmouth, California
Associate of Applied Science, Architectural Technologies, Nov. 2000


Microsoft Office Suite


Project Management

Project Cost Estimating

Quality Control

cad operator

  • Plan and design residential buildings.
  • Project supervision.

cad operator

  • Payroll of workers
  • Supervision of purchase of materials
  • Order materials for site use
  • Created schematic renderings in computer-aided software to produce 2D and 3D models.

cad operator

  • Operate computer-aided drafting (CAD) equipment or conventional drafting station to produce designs, working drawings. 
  • Digitisation of GIS Maps
  • Quality Check & Quality Assurance Dept.
  • Project Submission

cad operator

  • Three (3) years’ experience preparing engineering drawings from preliminary concepts and sketches and translating them into CADD drawings. 
  • Responsible for incorporating company standards and specifications into drawing. 
  • Prepare 2D drawings such as site layouts, general arrangement drawings. 
  • Progress 3D modeling working environment and structures such as mechanical drawing pipping and routing isometric.
  • Follow all defined CAD standards Follow orders and instructions that may assign from time to time. 
  • Computer Literate on Collect (for surveying data) GEO OFFICE & Microsoft Software Excel & Word 2007 Importing and exporting data to total station importing survey data to AUTOCAD 

cad operator

  • Inputs standards and line values in CAD drawing.
  • Inputs Korean translations.
  • Marker making in system according to Quantity and ratio. 
  • Consumption marker for costing with maximum efficiency. 

cad operator

  • Marker making in system according to Quantity and ratio.
  • Lay marker making suggestions. 
  • Inspect irrigation canals dams, irrigation roads  during and after construction for structural quality, general safety, or conformance to specifications and codes.
  •  Prepares segregation plan, installation drawing, construction drawings (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical) & permits.

cad operator

  • Tracing Floorplans for Software references.        
  • Antenna Location, Coverage Area (ACL)      
  • Trunking Diagram & Sectorization Diagram (TRK)        
  • Cable Routings for Electrical, Fiber Optic & grounding     
  • Detailed Equipment Room Layouts (CME)
  •  Fabrication drawing for Antenna framing support and other required drawing details.
  •  Responsible for Preparing Conceptual Drawing for Outdoor Solution.

cad operator, electrical designer

  • Prepare all engineering/electrical drawings, design Lighting and Power, prepare panel schedules, do title 24 and foot candle calculation. 
  • Prepare PDF  and zipped DWG files for Client/Architect.
  • (Mostly worked on High rise Bldg Tenant improvement projects)
  • Operate computer-aided drafting (CAD) equipment or conventional drafting station to produce designs, working drawings, charts, forms and records. I also answering phone calls from other companies inquiring about the projects and also I call other companies for inquiries related to the company job.

cad operator

  • Evaluates sketches drawn by the designers and discusses any questions and/or corrections that may be necessary prior to encoding.
  • Relates drawings from the base plan and coordinates with job captain/s for any changes or adjustments.
  • Inputs standards and line values in CAD drawings.
  • Inputs Chinese translations.

cad operator

  • Set up drawing standard.
  • Rearrange current drawing and document to follow up the standard.
  • Direct coordinated with section managers and utility manager.
  • Doing precondition drawings preparation.
  • Creating fire emergency escape route for SAMSUNG C&T and LTA site office.
  • Creating installation drawing for Fire alarm and Fire extinguisher.
  • Assist engineer in precondition process. Drawing prepare, data analysis, etc.

cad operator

  • Preparation & Modification Piping Isometric.
  • Preparation of spool drawing 
  • Preparation of BOM as per specifications for isometric.
  • Incorporated text comments and instructions to finalize drawings and guide installers or production staff.

cad operator/admin

  • Draws plans for structural foundations, mechanical layout, piping isometrics, piping layout, plumbing, electrical layouts, P&iD and PFD and other construction projects. 
  • Revises drawings based on instructions from engineers. 
  • Determines impact of site requirements and building codes before doing drawings or blueprints.
  • As-built of drawings.

cad operator

  • Build CAD drawings based on information provided by the client.
  • Preparation of 2D plans and 3D visualization for presentations.
  • Created, printed and modified drawings in AutoCAD and Revit
  • Worked with CAD systems and software to turn designs into workable specifications, drawings and equipment details