Andrew Smith


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

Reliable and compassionate Assistant teacher offering expertise in planning activities, maintaining safety and improving behaviour. Well-versed in needs and behaviors of children between ages of 6months and six years. Skilled at coordinating events, directing craft times and setting up field trips to offer children numerous learning opportunities.

Employment history

Dec. 2018 – Jun. 2019
East Rutha, Mississippi
Bus attendant/class Assistant, Steuber, Metz and Langosh

  •  Support the school curriculum ,especially literacy,and numeracy activities. 
Ø Supervise small groups of children when instructed. 
Ø Running small group activities inside or outside and preparing classroom activities and supporting documents. 
Ø Provide extra care and help to students with special needs by ensuring that they are comfortable and happy. 
Ø Ensure that students are picked up and dropped off at the designated points agreed upon-from home and in school. 
Ø Provide assistance to students in fastening their seatbelts and ensure that they are properly strapped in throughout the journey. 
Ø Helps children cross the roads,where required. 
Ø Take daily attendance of students and give report to the foreman. 
Ø Physically check the bus after every trip to be sure that no child is left behind. 
Ø Ensure that the bus is kept neat,tidy and clean. 

May. 2017 – Jul. 2017
Terencebury, New Jersey
Teacher, Tillman, Kling and Krajcik

Ø planning individual and group activities for children,such as learning to listen to instructions,playing with others,and using play equipment. 
Ø Instructing children in practices of personal cleanliness and self-care 
Ø Demonstrating activities. 


Feb. 2018
High School Diploma: Toeic bridge

  • Northern Hansen Institute – Port Neil, Iowa

Sep. 2012
GED: Diploma In Information Technology

  • Nikolaus Institute – Pagacstad, Texas

Mar. 2010
GED: Early Childhood Education

  • Botsford Institute – New Candance, Montana



Microsoft office

Good communication

bus attendant

  • Assists students entering and exiting school buses.
  • Lift physically disabled students onto and off of school buses.
  • Fastens various types of seat belts around students as a precautionary measure.
  • Maintains order and discipline on school buses.
  • Refers misbehaved students to school principles for disciplinary actions.
  • Complete routing list and related transportation form for the purpose of communicating sequence of stops.

bus attendant/class assistant

  •  Support the school curriculum ,especially literacy,and numeracy activities. 
  • Help with getting special needs Children on and off the school bus.
  • Communicate with Parents with how there child is doing on the bus. 
  • Communicate with Teachers and classroom Technicians. 

bus attendant

  • Create and maintain a safe environment for all students on the bus
  • Ride buses and help drivers ensure safe and orderly transportation of students with and without disabilities 
  • Lift and carry students with disabilities on and off the bus according to their individual needs 
  • Supervise students as they board and leave the bus and cross the street