Andrew Smith

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Professional Summary

BOC Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer With Extensive Years of Experience in The Field of Athletic Training, Sports Medicine. Highly Skilled in Orthopedic, Athletic Injury, and General Medical Conditions Evaluation and Diagnosis. Skilled in a Variety of Manual Therapy Techniques Including; 
Joint mobilization, Spinal Manipulation, Soft Tissue Mobilization and Myofascial Release. Extensive Background in Both Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation. Extensive Background as Football Athletic Trainer with Employment History in Collegiate and Professional Football as well as High School. Practice Management and Oversight of Staff. Vast Experience Working With Diverse Patient Populations With a Variety of Ethnic and Socioeconomic Backgrounds. AHA Certified Instructor in CPR and First Aid. Experienced in Baseline and Post Injury Impact Concussion Testing and Electronic Medical Record Documentation System. Extensive History of Continuing Education.

Employment history

Athletic Trainer, Wiegand, Bins and Emmerich. New Landon, Texas
Aug. 2016 – Present
Athletic Trainer, Instructor in Sports Medicine, Certified instructor for BLS, including CPR and First Aid. Other duties listed Below.
. Orthopedic and Athletic Injury, illnesss Evaluation and Diagnosis
. Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Conditions
. Prevention of Injury and Illness
. Emergency care and Management of Athletic Injury and illness
. Impact Baseline and Post Injury Testing
. Return to Learn For Students Sustaining Concussions
. Acquisition of Athletic Training Room supplies and Equipment, Tracking of Inventory,cleaning and Equipment Maintenance
.Documentation of Athletic Injury and Illness In Sportsware EMR
. Oversight of Student Athletic Trainer Aids
. Work with a Diverse Population of Student Athletes from a variety of Ethnic and Socioeconomic backgrounds
. Instructor CPR, First Aid Class,s for Coach;s and staff

Athletic Trainer, Morissette-Lang. Margestad, Indiana
Aug. 2001 – Jul. 2016
Worked as School Athletic Trainer in Conjunction with Mountainview Physical Therapy. Primary Responsibilites Include those listed below.
. Athletic Injury Evaluation,Diagnosis,Rehabilitation,Management
. Athletic training Room Supply Acquisition and Inventory
. Worked under Direction of Team Physician in carrying out Prescribed Treatment Orders and Directions

Athletic Trainer, Connelly Inc. New Jaunita, Florida
Oct. 2006 – Aug. 2012
Co-Owner Operator of Private Physical Therapy Practice. Duties include those listed below
. Treatment of Surgical and Non Surgical Musculoskeletal Conditions along with Licensed Physical Therapist
. Worked Position in Conjunction with Foothill High School Functioning in role of School Athletic Trainer
. Played lead Role in Start up of Business
. Management Responsibilities; Including Oversight of Staff,Scheduling, Hiring of Employees and Employee Evaluations
. Marketing of Business and Practice to Local Physicans in Community

Athletic Trainer, Schneider-Schiller. New Stefanyport, Wisconsin
Sep. 1989 – Aug. 1991
Worked in Physical Therapy Division of Occupational Medicine Practice.
Co-Evaluated and Treated Pre and Post Operative Athletic and Orthopedic Conditions with Licensed Physical Therapist. Specific Duties
Included Those Listed below.
. Various Manual Therapy Techniques; Including Joint Mobilization,Soft Tissue Mobilization,Massage and MFR.
. Instructing Patients in Proper Body Mechanics,Therapeutic Exercises,Home Exercises, General Conditioning and Fitness Programs
. Worked with Foothill High School as Athletic Trainer
. Functioned as Certified Pedorthist Fabricating and Fitting Custom Foot Orthotics and Shoe Orthopedic Shoe Modifications.

Athletic Trainer, Swaniawski, Gottlieb and Franecki. Walshtown, Mississippi
Dec. 1985 – Jun. 1989
Athletic Trainer for Private High School Athletic Program. Duties Included Those Listed Below.
. Athletic Injury,Illness Evaluation and Diagnosis.
. Emergency Management of Acute Conditions.
. Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation 
. Prevention of Injury

Athletic Trainer, Hirthe and Sons. Macieview, Illinois
Nov. 1984 – Jul. 1986
Worked in Role of Athletic Trainer and Physician Extender in Departments of Physical Medicine and Orthopedics. In Conjunction Worked in Private High School. Other Specific Duties Listed below.
. Evaluation and Diagnosis of Pre and Post Operative Musculoskeletal Conditions.
. Treatment and Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Conditions
. Custom Foot Orthotic Fabrication and Brace Fitting
. Ordering and Inventory of Office supplies and Equipment
. Assisting Physicians in Procedures Including set up for Joint aspirations,Wound Debridement,Suturing and Injections and Performing Assessments on Patients
. Assessed Patients in Wound Clinic With Various Specialty Physicians,Including Orthopedic and Vascular Surgeons, Infectious Disease Specialists

Mills, Beatty and Jacobson. Colenefurt, Oregon
Mar. 1984 – Apr. 1984
Assistant Athletic Trainer for Duration of Season for USFL Professional Football Franchise. Worked with High Caliber Athletes and Notable Group of Distinguished Coach’s. Duties included Injury and Illness Evaluation,Prevention, Rehabilitation and Emergency Management of Acute Conditions.

Bailey-Gottlieb. Port Aprilstad, Georgia
Mar. 1983 – Apr. 1983
Athletic Trainer for High School While Attending Graduate School at the University of Oregon. Responsbilities and Duties Included the Following.
. Oversight of Athletic Training Room and Student Aides
. Athletic Injury Evaluation
. Emergency Care and Acute Injury Management
. Treatment and Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries
. Prevention of Athletic Injuries.
. Ordering of Supplies and Inventory.
. Coordination of Physician Coverage for Football Games.

Athletic Trainer, Schmeler-Okuneva. Lake Valborough, Washington
Jul. 1982 – Aug. 1982
Athletic Trainer for Duration of Training Camp and Pre-Season Football Games. Selected for Position From Large Applicant Pool. Worked With Elite Athletes,Coach’s and Hall of Fame Head Athletic Trainer. Specific Duties Listed below
. Athletic Injury Evaluation
. Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries
. Prevention of Athletic Injuries
. Emergency Care and Treatment of Acute Athletic Injuries and Illness
. Assisted in Supervision of Athletic Training Room


McClure University, Francisside, Pennsylvania
MEd- Masters in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Present

Feest College, Beahanchester, New Mexico
Athletic Training, Feb. 1983

Gerhold Institute, Dorthaborough, Kentucky
Bachelor of Arts, Special Major in Athletic Training, Feb. 1982

East Stamm, West Reyside, Washington
Associate of Arts, General Education, Aug. 1981


Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Management Supervision of Staff

Manual Therapy; Joint Mobilization,Manipulation Spine,Soft Tisssue Mobilization,Jones Strain,Counterstrain, Myofascial Release

AHA Certified CPR,First Aid Instructor

Baseline and Post Injury Concussion Testing

Musculoskeletal Injury evaluation

General Medical Conditions Evaluation

Custom Foot Orthotic Fabrication and Brace Fitting

Certifications and Licenses

Community Events


Professional References

athletic trainer

  • Examine patients to assess mobility, and/or strength.
  • Record attendance of students when they attend a class.
  • Run the social media platforms of our studios by taking pictures from tournaments and other event and uploading them.
  • Documenting, evaluating, testing, and management of athletes with Type 1 diabetes 
  • Practice and game preparations 

athletic trainer

  • Multiple sport coverage 
  • One of three athletic trainers for 800+ athletes 
  • Updating and maintaining current physical & medical history forms on RankOne 
  • Communication with parents about relevant injuries, referrals to orthopedics, and ability to translate in Spanish 
  • Communication with other Athletic Trainers/Coaches on their student athletes 
  • Producing, documenting, and communicating with coaches on Injury Reports  
  • Performing Electrocardiograms on male students 

athletic trainer

  • Assist physical therapist with exercise programs to meet individual therapy goals
  • Counseled and instructed patients in prescribed therapeutic exercises and health maintenance
  • Designed effective aquatic rehabilitation programs to meet individual therapy goals
  • Proficient in massage and the use of therapeutic modalities

athletic trainer

  • Memorize all of the martial arts curriculum in order to teach students of all ages.
  • Clean up the training studio and other facilities when needed.
  • Teacher students about discipline and respect.
  • Lead classes by coming up with workout routines for the students to take part in.
  • Make sure students feel comfortable and enjoy their class.
  • Make sure the students are learning and gaining strength.
  • Check people in at the front desk.

athletic trainer

  • Responsible for patient care under supervision of a licensed physical therapist.
  • Involved in the Athletic Training Services program, participation in the coverage of professional sports teams, colleges, universities and high school events.
  • Designs and implements specific therapeutic programs for rehabilitation of the injured athlete.
  • Evaluate individuals’ abilities, needs, and physical conditions, and develop suitable training and stretching programs to meet any special requirements.

athletic trainer

  • apply protective or injury-preventative devices, such as tape, bandages and braces.
  • recognize and evaluate injuries
  • provide first aid or emergency care
  • develop and carry out rehabilitation programs for injured athletes

athletic trainer

  • Contribute to the development and management of the sports program and fundraising activities.
  • Perform activities that support a team or a specific sport, such as participating in community outreach activities, and appearing at fundraising events.
  • Assist full time staff with primary first aid medical coverage for a multitude of amatuer, semi-professional and professional sporting events.
  • Upkeep of training room, records and supplies

athletic trainer

  • Provides preventative, rehabilitative, and performance-enhancing services that maximize functionality and promote optimal outcomes.
  • Examine patients to assess mobility, strength and weaknesses.
  • Develop comprehensive plans for immediate and long-term rehabilitation.
  • Consult or coordinate with other rehabilitative professionals including physical therapists.

athletic trainer / team manager

  • Managed players’ needs/injuries
  • Organized jerseys and equipment
  • Receive instructions from coaching staff prior to games
  • Keeping records on injuries and duties for each game
  • Keep statistics of players during games

athletic trainer ( head)

  • Direct, supervise and evaluate work activities of rehab, nursing personal.
  • Direct or conduct recruitment, hiring, and training of personnel.
  • Establish work schedules and assignments for staff, according to workload & programs. 
  • Develop comprehensive plans for immediate and long-term rehabilitation including therapeutic exercise; counseling; cognitive retraining; patient, family or caregiver education; or community reintegration.
  •  Coordinate with other IASAS School’s Athletic Trainers for managing student injuries,  find and organize professional development opportunities, and promoting ISKL and IASAS goals.
  • Travel to large IASAS or other Events to assist teams and students.