Andrew Smith

Professional Summary

  • Industrial experience in the development of polymers for drug delivery applications
  • Material development for soft touch applications
  • Process development from the lab scale to pilot scale 
  • Technical document preparation &cost Estimation for the new projects
  • Research experience in the development biodegradable Polymer Packaging Films.
  • Expert in the Development of optical biosensor for glucose monitoring 
  • Work experience as a lecturer
  • Experience in the analysis of Natural rubber 
  • Good Communication and Interpersonal skills with excellent team spirit
  • Good presentation skills
  • Interest to learn new technology and good research skills.

Employment history

Associate Scientist, Sanford and Sons. Lindgrenfurt, Massachusetts
Sep. 2019 – Present
Development of material to meet the customer specifications and Process & safety requirements, optimisations, scale up to plant scale , planning and Executing the lab experiments ,maintenance of Lab Note Book,  analysis of data and preparing the reports/ presentations for internal reviews or for the clients, training for the juniors
Technical document preparation, cost and time Estimation for the new projects 

Senior Research Associate, Baumbach-Keebler. Rickyville, Rhode Island
Apr. 2017 – Jul. 2017
Development of material for soft touch applications
Developed a block copolymer material for soft touch applications which required softness while material being stiff.
Development of carrier for drug delivery applications
Developed a polymer material which can be useful as a carrier for drug and scaled it up to plant scale coordinating with the engineering team
Development  for material for drug delivery
Developed Hydrogels for drug delivery applications which can be a replacement for the commercially moving drug.
Technical  Document Preparation
Estimation of cost for the new projects  -Reaction scheme, Process Flow Diagram, Associated risks, Required raw materials, Reactors, Resources and Gantt chart

Lecturer, Homenick, Ullrich and Lemke. West Susymouth, Nevada
Sep. 2014 – Feb. 2015

Project Assistant, Vandervort, Hegmann and Pfeffer. East Duncanstad, Colorado
Jun. 2007 – Dec. 2007
Process development for making chitosan based films for food packaging applications”
Developed a biodegradable film combining the elongation and water vapour impermeability of PCL with the film forming ability and cheap availability of chitosan.  Explored the possibility of melt blending of chitosan with the PCL.

Quality Assurance Officer, Rogahn LLC. Mindaville, Hawaii
Feb. 2007 – Mar. 2007


East Champlin Academy, South Donnettaville, Oregon
M.Tech, Polymer Technology, Sep. 2010

Glover Institute, West Ellis, New Mexico
B.Tech, Polymer Enigineering, Sep. 2006

Personal info


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000


Development of polymers for drug delivery applications

Material development for soft touch applications

Technical document preparation &cost Estimation for the new projects

Development biodegradable Polymer Packaging Films.

Optical biosensor for glucose monitoring

Presentation skills

Analysis of Natural rubber

associate scientist

  • Applied theories, principles and practices to the research and development of new and improved products, processes and procedures to the QA/QC lab.
  • Performed routine QA/QC research and experimentation on Halliburton products prior to being shipped to the well site. 
  • Documented progress in laboratory reports and communicated with technical client personnel.

associate scientist

  • Experience in validation of method transferred Onsite and Paper Transfer by international and National clients.
  • Experienced in preparation of Standard operating procedures for the general laboratory operations, Equipment operation, and Analytical methods.
  • Maintained biosafety and environmental standards of Vivarium and laboratory to assist IBSC measures.
  • Have worked as a Lead for the validation of the data acquisitions software and integration with Watson LIMS in bioanalytical Laboratory.

associate scientist

  • Core Member of the verification team for point of care diagnostic products. 
  • Creation and verification of protocols and reports across numerous assays for execution by the operation team. 
  • Extensive use of software such as JMP and Minitab for data analysis and graphical representation of data. 
  • Worked efficiently with cross functional teams such as quality, regulatory, operations. 

associate scientist

  • Have worked as a Project Manager for Method Development, Method Transfer, Method Validation, Sample analysis and Report Preparation for Immunogenicity Assessment (Screening, Confirmatory and Titer) and  Pharmacokinetic/ Toxicokinetic(PK/TK) analysis  for novel and biosimilar biologics in support of non-clinical and clinical studies as per GLP and GCLP compliance on ELISA and ECL Platforms.
  • Experience in validation of method transferred Onsite and Paper Transfer by International and National clients.
  • Manage inventories of study related test items, critical reagents and qualify them as per the requirement.
  • Effective communication with clients in terms of project update, technical discussions, and deliverables of the program.
  • Plan, Coordinate and Oversee the study with Analysts, QC, QA and Test facility management to ensure timely delivery of study data.
  • Experienced in preparation of Standard operating procedures for the general laboratory operations, Equipment operation, and analytical methods.
  • Responsible for Watson LIMS deployment and Validation as per the requirements of 21CFR part 11.

associate scientist

  • Professional internship in a world-class genetics lab with an international team of scientists
  • Performed cutting edge genetic engineering techniques on cultivated yeast samples to understand cancer growth mechanisms
  • Monitored facility environment, room activities, and instrument maintenance.
  • Trained and supervised workers who handle or care for animals.

associate scientist

  • Involved in clinical observation and health monitoring of laboratory animals such as mice (including transgenic), rat, rabbit, and guinea pig as per FELASA and CPCSEA regulations and AAALAC specifications.
  • Carried out the handling, restraining, blood collection, dosing, anesthesia, euthanasia of laboratory animals.
  • Had exposure in surgical procedures of laboratory animals (Jugular vein cannulation, Bile duct cannulation, and bile duct ligation).
  • Conducted sentinel programs and postmortem studies
  • Carried out IFA, ELISA, and parasitic screening procedures in laboratory animals. 
  • Involved in diagnostic techniques of parasitic diseases of animals.
  • Preparation/review of SOPs and guidelines as per specified standards. 

associate scientist

  • Creation and validation of test protocols for new or existing software following the SLC (System Life Cycle)
  • Responsible for characterization as well as execution of lab experiments in accordance with the quality system. 
  • Responsible for processing and analyzing data using JMP for process monitoring. 
  • Support test lab with their day to day activities with special attention to process monitoring, validation, equipment support, along with CAPA related activities.
  • Initiate design and document change procedures to revise and update new as well as existing documents. 
  • Extensive knowledge of Good Lab practices and Good Manufacturing practices.