Andrew Smith

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Professional Summary

Hands-on, successful Software Engineer with decades of verifiable success leading teams in delivering appropriate technology solutions for desktop and mobile products.  Comprehensive knowledge of platform development, enterprise architecture, agile methodologies, cloud services, and web-based applications.  Innovative change agent with a unique mix of high-level technology direction and deep technical expertise.
Hands-on, successful Software Engineer with decades of verifiable success leading teams in delivering appropriate technology solutions for desktop and mobile products.  Comprehensive knowledge of platform development, enterprise architecture, agile methodologies, cloud services, and web-based applications.  Innovative change agent with a unique mix of high-level technology direction and deep technical expertise.

Employment history

Associate Director, Torp, Williamson and Christiansen. Alixport, Vermont
Nov. 2017 – Present
  • Document design specifications, installation instructions, and other system-related information.
  • Provide advice on project costs, design concepts, or design changes.
  • Communicate with staff or clients to understand specific system requirements.

Senior Software Engineer, Smith Inc. Colinchester, Utah
Jul. 2007 – Nov. 2007
  • Communicate with staff or clients to understand specific system requirements.
  • Document design specifications, installation instructions, and other system-related information.
  • Verify stability, interoperability, portability, security, or scalability of system architecture.
  • Collaborate with engineers or software developers to select appropriate design solutions or ensure the compatibility of system components.
  • Provide technical guidance or support for the development or troubleshooting of systems.


The Stamm Institute, West Angelesborough, South Dakota
B-Tech, Computer Science & Technology, May. 2005






Database Technology

Team Management

Project Managment

associate director

  • Supported Agile execution of program projects 
  • Managed program cost, schedule, quality, performance, processes and subcontract activities. Employed EVM, metrics, risk management and project management methodologies to ensure successful execution
  • Contributed to yearly cost savings goals by on time delivery of programs with valuations in excess of $12M 
  • Completed Cost Benefit Analysis to aide in fact based decisions on program implementation feasibility
  • Managed staff of 7 Senior Business Analysts
  • Revised and relaunched departmental program management process resulting in quicker execution due to gained efficiencies
  • Directed and monitored organization staffing, includes employee recruitment, selection, training, career development, performance assessment, workload planning, recognition, salary actions and disciplinary actions

associate director, sourcing and procurement, office of supply chain management ,the american university in cairo

  • Proven track record of thought leadership – Speaker @ Conference [e.g. OOW], Whitepaper, Webcasts, Trainer 
  • Client Demo / Workshops 
  • SME – 2-3 core areas of expertise 
  • Hands On 

associate director

  •  Heading the organizations sales force for effective sales strategies and policies . 
  • Working in close ties with dealers and setting up of a proper distribution channel for the company
  • Institutional Sales responsibility
  • Forming sales strategies and policies for target marketing . 
  • Making effective operational strategies for effective functioning and reducing the lead time hence saving substantial amounts to the company .

associate director, ad operations

  • Collecting, managing and validating data to be used for MMM reporting 
  • Managing team that produces and delivers non-campaign reporting
  • Responsible for establishing processes for entering data into buying/planning systems and ensuring compliance 
  • Responsible for managing global data governance by creating standardized media naming conventions to be used globally 
  • Providing support and training for internal teams & external vendors to ensure campaign goals and objectives are achieved and internal processes are adhered
  • Consulting on tableau data visualizations via a variety of techniques including data storytelling, Gestalt principles, and user-centric design

associate director

  • Onshore/Client Stakeholder Management 
  • Quality Control / Management 
  • Delivery Excellence – Work Plan, Effort & Schedule Variance tracking, Status Reporting 
  • RFP Response 

associate director

  • Accountable for software delivery, stakeholder engagement
  • Software purchase, cost management for the group Products, Platforms designs using Industry’s latest technologies ( UX/UI modeling , server and client side technologies ( angular, jquery, MVC, .Net core, Asp .Net , JAVA etc.), Web services , Web APIs and microservices architecture
  • Responsible for all latest database technologies implementations and architecture – SQL server , PostgreSQL , Mark Logic, Elastic search engine , Oracle )
  • Manage team objectives and performance using OKR models (Objectives and Key Results )

associate director (promoted in 2002 from consultant)

  • Consulted with senior executives on strategic communications issues to align with business objectives. Scope covered IPO listings, investor relations, issues management, corporate positioning, reputation management, media relations, spokesperson training and internal communications.
  • Conceptualized, developed and managed successful communications and investor relations programs for several IPOs and listed companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange. 
  • Formulated communications programs and strategies including investor roadshows, positioning papers, brand and perception audits, annual reports, stakeholder maps, advocacy, corporate and marketing collateral, multimedia presentations and media campaigns
  • Led and managed client servicing teams and relationships with third party vendors

associate director

  • Timely and accurate regulatory reporting for CB, India
  • Independent assessment and empanelment of vendors for stock audits , valuers , industry experts etc..
  • Accounts Subject to additional review monitoring
  • Monthly governance dashboard
  • Automations for certain india specific processes
  • Running of certain automated EUC applications for daily access/past due review , NPA monitoring, OD churn reports , quarterly performance review etc..
  • Ensuring no adverse audit comments regarding any of these activities

associate director

  • Strategic / Service Offering 
  • Stakeholder Management, Leadership Visits/Presentation 
  • Thought Leadership 
  • Demand/Supply and Budget/Utilization Management 
  • Strong People Management Skill – Team Morale/Engagement, Performance Management, Skill Building, Mentoring/Coaching 
  • Estimation and Staffing Plan 
  • Drive Architecture and Design Discussions and Decisions 

associate director, category

  • Coordination and maintain relation with seed suppliers and Manufacturers Companies. 
  • Prepare sales forecast & entire strategy for Seed Requirement through Market Analysis and Demand of farmers as Season & Crop wise. 
  • Plan for Seed Purchase and Procurement, Vendor Selection, Contract Negotiations, inventory management. 
  • Analyze impact on, and risk to, essential business functions or information systems to identify acceptable recovery time periods and resource requirements. 
  • Closely work with field team, sales and marketing team to cater market demands. 

associate director , software development

  • Led a team of 30 colleagues in India development center for $12 million /year revenue for web based products – Haystack GOLD ( Defense logistics and supply chain solutions ) and Jane’s 360 ( web based product marketing and advertising application for all IHS Jane’s Defense solutions )
  • Software Development practices, technology implementations across software products delivered from India best cost center location
  • Customer /stake holders engagement and driving the business requirements for software development
  • Implemented Agile software development practices and trained the teams on Agile and Scrum – a certified scrum master
  • Key contributions towards talent development and engagement
  • Day to day Business operations management, program management, project management, talent recruitment , training & coaching
  • Technology implementation, product design & Architecture decisions

associate director

  • Encourage campers with special needs to acquire new skills and get involved in health-promoting leisure activities, such as sports, games, arts and crafts, and gardening.
  • Instruct special needs campers in activities and techniques, such as sports, dance, music, art or relaxation techniques, designed to meet their specific physical or psychological needs.
  • Plan, organize, direct and participate in treatment programs for campers with traumatic brain injury and encourage activities to facilitate rehabilitation.
  • Hire, train, and maintain full summer camp staffing as well as off season activity coordinators for respite camps.

associate director

  • Providing comprehensive multi-geography/multi-product coverage to MNC clients. Experience of working extensively on Deals involving Asset Backed financing, Ship Financing, Commodity Hedging and Receivables Services. 
  • Strong communication skills such as planning and leading effective meeetings and structured interviews to collect/validate information 
  • Train and mentor KPMG incident response team members in understanding, investigating and hunting for advance malware and atctics used by threat actors. 
  • Train clients incident response team to ensure awareness of latest threats and tactics used by hackers and essential mitigation/ hunting strategy

associate director

  • Back-end service team lead, including study, archetect, implement, maintainence related serviceDynamic DNS service (including registration and domain name lookup)
  • P2P relay information server
  • IFTTT endpoint
  • Alexa / Actions On Google endpoint
  • ASUS Networking Oauth2 server
  • Google sign in 

associate director, communications manager, media relations & executive communications

  • Promoted to lead cross unit teams of communication specialists, harnessing an array of communication tools 
  • Lead opinion research unit conducting focus groups, &  surveys for strategic design of campaigns
  • Launched multi-media paid media campaign leveraging digital, Internet radio, TV and print advertisements.
  • Lead advertising operations, winning Webby Award, Addy Award, Silver Anvil, Sabre Award.
  • Recruited to launch a new division within the PR department, including recruiting new staff, developing division’s objectives and establishing benchmarks to assess the success of the new division 
  • initiated first-ever, targeted opinion leader and minority media campaigns, surpassing two-year goals in 1 year  
  • Increased national & local coverage, including national morning programs, cable networks, top 100 circulated newspapers, wire services, syndicated and satellite radio programsProvide cohesive and strategic communications counsel as a critical part of multiple campaigns.  Coordinate, leverage and execute the full suite of communication tools–engineering and executing plans deploying the right mix of tools to reach internal & external audiences to drive desired responses/actions. Develop comprehensive communication strategies, including earned media, paid media, surrogate deployment, social media & message development that complement what’s happening in the press, online and in the field. Supervise and edit the development of compelling, message and brand-aligned copy in various forms to build momentum, drive policy agendas and make waves. Make strategic recommendations to communications and other departments to inform strategy based upon opinion data from polling & focus groups.  Oversee the synthesis of written documents for use by Association leaders and staff at the local, state, and national levels. Develop message framework, ensure message integrity and lead message training workshops, inclusive of role playing exercises for participants.  Direct multi-channel advertising campaigns, coordinating the targeting of audiences, evaluating performance based upon KPI. 

associate director

  • Leading the Energy Practice line (T&D, Renewable Energy, and Generation) within the UAE and Oman with primary focus on Delivery and Quality.
  • Ensure that Energy Projects are delivered on time, to budget and to the required quality standard.
  • Allocating and utilizing of resources in an efficient manner and maintaining a co-operative, motivated and successful team.
  • Client coverage role focussing on Regional Treasury centres of multinational clients and managed portfolio generating revenues of USD 10Mn onshore & USD 25Mn offshore for Global Corporate Business (US/UK MNC, Oil & Gas Corporates). 

associate director

  • Leading Presales and Pilots team consisting of 30 team members
  • Value sell to customers through product demos and presentations
  • Guide team in creating and executing bid strategy to drive a winning proposal
  • Drive process improvements, ensure on-time delivery and quality of all responses

associate director

  • Part of the Global Cyber Response consulting team, lead, manage and guide clients in Mainland China and Hong Kong region in an event of cyber security breach;
  • Conduct cyber forensics evidence preservation and collection to ensure integrity of digital evidence in the court of law. 
  •  Plan, coordinate, and recomend immidiate network security measures to protect data and crtical machines during a cyber breach for clients. Review and conduct additional containment measures in clients network and assist in clean up.
  • Carry out host forensics and analysis using forensic tools such as EnCase, AccessData FTK, Magnet Forensics AXIOM, Volatility, Regripper, ElasticSearch, Log2timeline etc. to identify the malware and indicators of compromise. 
  • Leverage available log files/ SIEM tools to hunt the threat and detect presence of malware/ unauthorised access in clients network
  • Review and prepare our clients incident reponse/ management policies, tailor alert events in SIEM and carry out tests to ensure responsiveness 
  • Document findings noted during the forensic investigations and present a report highlighting source of breach, infected machines, risks, measures taken to contain and way forward recomendations

associate director

  • Plan or direct development or communication of informational programs to maintain favorable public or stockholder perceptions of an organization’s accomplishments or agenda
  • Prepare reports of findings, illustrating data graphically and translating complex findings into written text
  • Seek and provide information to help companies determine their position in the marketplace
  • Measure the effectiveness of communications programs and strategies
  • Arrange public appearances, lectures, contests, or exhibits for clients to increase product or service awareness or to promote goodwill

associate director

  • Recruitment of staff 
  • Audit Software Champion including troubleshooting, backing up and reporting automation 
  • Undertaking Quality Assurance Reviews of Internal Audit Functions aligned to International Standards for Professional Practise Internal Audit 
  • Development of functional regulatory and compliance frameworks 

associate director

  • Developed strong working relationships with client and build a level of influence with key client contacts 
  • Lead internal employee development program and mentored team members of the forensic team and cyber response team to help ensure they achived their goals and were updated with latest in the field 
  • Quality reviews of Audit Reports and Working Papers prior to finalisation 
  • Preparation of Audit Committee papers and attendance 

associate director

  • IT Service Management
  • Mobile App for Employee/Candidate Engagement
  • Chat & Chatbot Solutions
  • Citrix Virtual Compute
  • Gsuite Platform
  • Employee Analytics
  • Clearance Simplification

associate director, technical services

  • Promoted due to repeated success with client engagements and coaching of analysts to lead 3 implementation teams
  • Reinvented client solutions process, compressing from months to weeks data collection, analysis, and deliverables
  • Owned outcomes for $5M portfolio, enabling quick escalation of client issues, with 50% drop in ETL tool deployment lag
  • Analyzed the results of marketing efforts and implementing strategies based on those results. 

associate director, market access and government affairs

  • Establish or maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of government, patient and public interest groups.
  • Represent Gilead Canada as a core member and support for the chair (Gilead is the 2018 lead) of Innovative Medicines Canada
  • Develop the government affairs and market access strategies for key Gilead brands in Western Canada including HIV (40% of the Canadian market), HCV (35% of the Canadian market) oncology
  • Collaborate with senior government officials to develop provincial policies for car-T cancer cell therapy
  • Prepare environmental scans and monitor key government policies in order to advise the senior leadership team regarding business impact
  • Partner with cross functional team members on product launch teams and integrated stakeholder planning projects

associate director

  • Responding to proposals and quotations including the development and coordination across multiple service lines 
  • Audit Plan development aligned to assurance mapping across the three lines of defence 
  • Planning, coordination and ongoing management of engagement teams across service lines 
  • Project profitability monitoring 
  • Integrating specialist across service lines to ensure value based outputs 
  • Data Analytics completion and integration into reports 
  • Coordination of LEAN Workshops 

associate director

  • Teaching and training for upgrading 
  • Mentoring and coaching study skills for Distance Learners 
  • Writing Assessment Papers on Distance Modes
  • Supervising and managing Distance Staff. 

associate director, financial advisory group

  • Approve, reject, or coordinate the approval of financial plans implemented by consultants
  • Recruit financial consultants, conduct and oversee training programs.
  • Sell various types of financial solutions to businesses and individuals, including automobile, life, property, medical and investment.
  • Develop marketing strategies to seek out new clients to compete with other individuals or companies who market financial services.
  • Establish and maintain long term relationships with individual or business customers to provide financial services and grow AUM.
  • Uncover unique selling points, explain features, advantages and disadvantages of various policies to promote the sale of financial solutions.

associate director

  • Joined as a Assistant manager/ Senior associate and was promoted to as Assiciate Director 
  • Lead and manage cyber defense engagements and investigations of cyber-attacks such as ransomware, phishing, malware breach, data thefts, bank SWIFT system breach etc. against corporate clients and banks launched by sophisticated cyber criminals and nation state backed attackers. 
  • Guide clients through unstructured incident response plan and carried out evidence preservation, incident containment and investigation. 
  • Optmized existing digital forensic evidence preservation procedures and reduced processing time by 30%.
  • Coordinated digital forensic colections, preservations with clients various team to ensure meeting timelines stated and deliver quality output 
  • Onboared new technologies and tools to gain advance capabilities of remote acquisitions, threat hunting and enhance evidence processing
  • Developed and executed business development activities,/ conference presentations to maximize market presence and visibility;

associate director, gift marketing & planning

  • Initiated proposals for stakeholders for outright and planned gifts of complex assets averaging approximately 100 proposals annually with a closure rate of over 40%. 
  • Stewarded relationships through written and telephone contact as well as personal visits. 
  • Developed model with internal teams and external consultants to set income projections. 
  • Managed the production of marketing material including targeted mailings (approximately 2.5 million pieces annually)
  • Created copy for booklets, brochures, flyers, donor stories, cover letters, and newsletters. 
  • Managed vendors including list brokers, data enhancement service providers, mailing houses, design firms and print shops. 
  • Coordinated the planned giving advertising program.