Andrew Smith


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

Adaptable, open-minded, critical thinker with over three years of experience eager to join a respectable, customer-focused security company. Certified class D and G security officer with knowledge of rules and the code of standards one must follow in this profession. Detail-oriented with exceptional organization and communication skills with the drive to exceed expectations on every assignment or post.

Employment history

Feb. 2018 – Present
Lueilwitzstad, Maine
Armed Security Officer, Hettinger, Feil and Muller

  • Prepare and maintain records and reports, such as visitors, personnel, and vendors that are on sight.
  • Maintain a physical head count of visitors and vendors that are on sight.

Jan. 2016 – Mar. 2017
Keelingland, Utah
Armed Money Courier, Hilll, Quitzon and Tromp

  • Pick up and deliver currency in a safe, swift, and planned manner.
  • Maintain a professional, positive relationship with several costumers.
  • Protect myself and my team at all times.


Oct. 2017
Certified Firefighter in the State of Florida: Public Safety

  • Dibbert University – Cheryberg, Ohio

Oct. 2015
Criminal Justice

  • O'Hara University – Stoltenberghaven, Vermont

Sep. 2014
Associate of Arts: Criminal Justice

  • Eastern Cremin Institute – Katheleenbury, Virginia

Nov. 2012
High School Diploma

  • Harber Institute – Sergiotown, Indiana

Apr. 2012
Associate of Arts: Criminal Justice

  • Southern Torphy Academy – Lake Jay, Maryland


Class D Security Officer

Class G Security Officer

BLS & CPR Certified

armed security officer

  •  Patrolled multiple client’s properties, mostly apartments, during the course of a shift providing an armed vehicular security patrol. 
  • Responded to calls of trespassing, alarms, noise complaints and disturbances.
  •  Supervised three security officers throughout a shift. 
  • Prepare and maintain records and reports, such as visitors, personnel, and vendors that are on sight.

armed security officer

  • Vehicle Patrol on contracted properties.
  • Report writing / incident report.
  • Sgt. of Strategic Response Team.
  • Clearing and securing vacant buildings.
  • Close protection with clients of high detail. 

armed security officer

  • Served in the Operations Office as a security officer and dispatcher
  • Performed security patrols, investigated and reported all safety violations.
  • was also responsible for assigning Posts, answering phones, and keeping detailed filing and accounting of client records.
  • Provided Data Entry and skilled Microsoft Word,Excel,Access and PowerPoint.

armed security officer

  • Conduct access control and patrol duties on a military installation
  • Verify identification through use of identification card
  • Allowed entrance to persons and vehicles with authorization
  • Denied entry or arranged for escorts as appropriate
  • Conducted vehicle searches /inspections as necessary

armed security officer

  • Responded quickly to incidents and assessed active situations for security concerns.
  • Supported criminal investigations by collaborating fully with local law enforcement representatives.
  • Provided basic first aid and CPR to individuals in need of medical care until arrival of emergency medical personnel.
  • Reduced vandalism and criminal activity by keeping close eye on premises through personal checks and CCTV monitoring.
  • Informed violators of applicable rules and removed unauthorized individuals from premises.

armed security officer

  • Responded quickly and effectively to all security violations and duress alarms.
  • Detected and apprehended any unauthorized personnel.
  • Directed guests around the building and answered questions regarding accessibility.
  • Collected and organized all surveillance data and information to protect client possessions and workspaces.
  • Patrolled commercial property and the associated parking garage.
  • Unlocked rooms and suites for authorized contractors.

armed security officer

  • Establish a safe environment for family entertainment.
  • Assist management with customer service issues, that show danger to them or others.
  • During emergency situations respond professionally and accurately as possible.
  • Permitting authorized entry

armed security officer

  • Monitor the gates and entrance activities, control traffic and respond to emergencies.
  • Establish a safe work environment for government employees and facility.
  • Conducted vehicle screenings for visitors, guest, and contractors.
  • inspecting buildings, equipment and access points

armed security officer

  • Provided a armed vehicle security patrol to Food Lion corporate office, customer support center and two distribution centers.
  • Provided vehicle response for incidents to include, but not limited to: alarms, trespassing and suspicious activity. 
  •  Supervised 6 entry gates to ensure timely and safe delivery of Food Lion goods and visiting personal. 
  • Monitored and authorized entrance and departure of vehicles, semi trucks and visitors. 

armed security officer

  • Vehicle Patrol on contracted properties
  • Report writing / incident report
  • Ensure public safety
  • Ensuring that your uniform remains clean and well-maintained, and that you wear it while on duty. 

armed security officer

  • Weaponry training
  • Vehicle and foot patrols
  • Maintained security of facility 
  • Implementing new security measures, if required.

armed security officer

  • Protecting stipulated people and locations from harassment, physical attack, vandalism, and other forms of abusive or unauthorized treatment.
  • Ensuring my weapon is well maintained and secure at all times.
  • Utilizing my weapon in times of extreme attack, when non-violent options have been exhausted.
  • Attending refresher training in weapons use, if applicable.
  • Completing and submitting incident reports after noteworthy developments.
  • Recording the details of each person who visits the facility, if applicable.
  • Ensuring that security equipment and measures are suitable, and that they remain in excellent working condition at all times.

armed security officer

  • Servicing ATMS and providing tech support and troubleshooting both on and off site.
  • Responsible for the transport of coin, currency, and other valuables. 
  • Responsible for recording and maintaining accurate documentation and reports. 
  •  Daily customer interactions while conducting secured and certified transfers of customers’ packages. 
  •  Maintained the highest degree of security and control both mobiley and onsite.  
  • Private security provider License PSID:72554

armed security officer

  •  Secured all doors in the office and main building after hours. 
  • Detected suspicious activities and watched for criminal acts and rule infractions.
  • Wrote reports on property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons and unusual occurrences.
  • Denied entrance to the building to unauthorized persons.
  • Inspected equipment, structures and materials to identify the cause of errors and defects.
  • Warned offenders about rule infractions and violations and verbally evicted violators from premises.
  • Actively patrolled assigned areas to prevent and detect crimes.

armed security officer

  • Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees and visitors to prevent theft and maintain security of premises.
  • Escort by foot or drive company patrol vehicle to transport individuals to specified locations and drive company vehicle to locations to make sure they are secure.
  • Patrol company property to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure doors and windows are secure.
  • Warn visitors of rule violations, and apprehend or evict violators from premises, using force when necessary.
  • Write reports of daily activities and irregularities such as equipment or property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons, or unusual occurrences.