Andrew Smith


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287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

Professional Summary

What makes me a good employee is that I enjoy working outside. I enjoy being able to start and build a business relationship with a existing or new  customer and being the source for any information that they may need.  I like helping my customers succeed from year to year.  Each year presents a different set of challenges in the world of farming and there is not a one fix all solution for different farming operations.  That is what I find exciting and challenging.  Some of my personal achievements include being a Certified Crop Advisor for the the last 6 years along with being a Senior Agronomist for the last 3 years

Employment history

Apr. 2015 – Present
Lake Quinton, Washington
Agronomist, Sipes LLC

After completion of college was hired on to be a full – time agronomist.  Was in charge of overseeing multiple customers across a several county area.  Main duties included weekly scouting of contracted fields during the growing season.  I have scouted a wide range of crops including; wheat, corn, seed corn, soybeans, and various forage crops,   During the growing season would make reports on condition of crop, weeds, disease, insects and make recommendations to correct any issues with the crop or to gain control of any pests if it would reach treatment levels.  Also would take in season samples whether it be soil or tissue samples if need be.  After growing season would take soil samples and make fertilizer recommendations to the grower.  Also would discuss hybrid/varieties options and chemical programs for the upcoming year.  In spring time job duties would include planter calibrations, and any herbicide applications needed before planting.  Also was in charge of mentoring/teaching interns during the summer months.  Other job duties included making sure provided company equipment was kept up in working condition, and to attend various meetings during the year.  Sales experience includes; soil moisture equipment, aerial imagery, and  grid sampling.  

Mar. 2009 – May. 2009
Lake Margarett, Rhode Island
Intern, Thiel Inc

Job duties during my two summers of internship included the following.  Showing up on time each morning.  Scouting the fields that were on the route for that day.  Make observations and taking notes on the field to report to the full time agronomist.  Duties then progressed to typing up field reports on my own and helping to deliver reports to the growers.  Duties also included helping pull forage, manure, and plant tissue samples.  Also was required to maintain company equipment, i.e truck computer, ATV in good working condition.   


Dec. 2010
Bachelor of Science: Agronomy

  • Eastern New York Academy – Lynchhaven, Oklahoma

Sep. 2006
High School Diploma

  • East Kansas Institute – New Rufusside, Pennsylvania


General Agronomy Knowledge



Decision Making


Time Management

agronomist (dy-manager)

  •  Liaising with stake holder, IFC (International Finance Corporation), government sectors, media, mobile app and participating in exhibition show
  •  Handling postharvest storage, exhibition booth and sharing knowledge of using ZeroFly Bag (deltamethrin incorporated bag used for postharvest storage) to local farmers
  •  Managing and giving technical aids to field manager and operation supervisor who works on mango, rubber and kaffir production field
  •  Giving advices to grow most suitable and profitable crop for modern NFT hydroponic and media base hydroponic farming 
  •  Formatting financial document, business plan and per acre projection for each crop
  • Achieving research and development on lighting hydroponic system by using chemical and organic solution 


  • Scouting fields for disease, pests and weeds
  • Operating a high clearance sprayer
  • fuel truck driver
  • Sales of chemical and seed
  • Equipment maintenance  


  • Demonstrate or explain working techniques, practices, or safety regulations to farm workers. 
  • Obtain financing necessary for purchases of machinery, land, or supplies.
  • Advise on the application of pesticides and fertilizers to plants.
  • Select and purchase seeds, plant nutrients, disease control chemicals and distributed to contract farmers.


  • Hire employees, and train them in gardening techniques.
  • Select and purchase seeds, plant nutrients, disease control chemicals
  • Coordinate clerical, record keeping, inventory, requisitioning, and marketing activities.
  • Confer with horticultural personnel in order to plan facility renovations or additions majorly in green houses.


  • Supervise, monitor and evaluate all agricultural activities of the project at village, office and demonstration plot levels
  • Design and implement a continuous training scheme for Farmer Field School(FFS) including numerous agricultural activities aimed at expanding farmers know-how and at the same time promoting sustainability of project activities
  • Contribute to draft detailed work plans in collaboration with other project staff and area coordinator 
  • Keep good and close relations with the Local Authorities, project beneficiaries and other stakeholders
  • Develop material to share internal research findings and agricultural fields experiences
  • Develop new agricultural project activities aimed to increase local communities’ resilience providing efficient techniques that allows satisfactory results respecting the surrounding environment
  • Support project beneficiaries especially women in developing and linking stakeholders at different levels for cooperation between procedures, processors and regional market to improve incomes

agronomist / master planner

  • Planning for crop planting and farm activities for east coast region. 
  • Monitor the growth of the plants for seed production. 
  • Demonstrate or explain working techniques, practices, or safety regulations to workers.
  • Hire, train, or supervise workers engaged in planting, spraying, irrigating and harvesting.
  • Plan and direct development or production of higher-yield hybrid plant varieties.


  • Growth of edible plants using an aeroponic system developed by Hexagro Urban Farming 
  • Experiments in soilless agriculture using aeroponics technics
  • Management of the customers
  • Design of a service related to indoor gardens provided to customers


  • To ensure the continued supply of raw material for the canning factory through identification and recruitment of potential farmers.
  • Developing a reliable out grower base to meet the quality specifications for the canning factory.
  • Supervising field officers in the execution of the field operations.
  • Assessing and approving farmers on their suitability to receive loans.
  • Ensuring that the ISO 9001:200 and HACCP standards were observed in the production of crops.   
  • Help the farmers identify diseases, weeds, and insect pests.
  • Tour contracted farms to observe work being done, to inspect crops, and to evaluate plant and soil conditions.


  • Registered  pesticides, herbicides and fungicides at Plant Protection Department of DOA
  • Registered fertilizer and foliar-fertilizer at Land-use Department of DOA
  • Preparing pesticides Labels for the packages and containers
  • Making pesticides research plots
  • Data Collection and Analysis for Research Plots
  • Reporting to the Line Manager

senior agronomist

  • Supervise sorting, grading and packaging of products for EU market. 
  • Ensure compliance with the standards such as Global GAP, Organic certification, Non GMO, Fair Trade. 
  • Coordinate with Ministry of Agriculture officials to ensure proper certification of products before they are shipped to EU and US market. 
  • Ensure safety of all personnel working in the farm and consumers of the products there in. 
  • Ensure continues production of over 40 herbs and spices grown in the farm for export. 
  • Make parking lists and transaction documents necessary  for shipping the consignments. 
  • Coordinate with the product buyers in London and USA every time shipment is made