Andrew Smith


Professional Summary

The  passing  years  have  forged  me a highly resourceful, flexible, innovative and committed Analyst, whether acting in Finance, Fiscal or Administrative areas. 
I have  an  impressive  sense  for data analysis in  order  to  deliver  operational  improvements to the business, looking always for optimizing the process I have been involved.
All  the  previous  experiences  in  all  these  different  areas,  qualify  me  as  an  extremely  versatile collaborator.
Keen  to  find  a  challenging  position  within an ambitious company where I will be able to continue increasing my professional skills.

Employment history

SENIOR ADMINISTRATIVE ANALYST, Mosciski, Gibson and Klocko. West Jimmiefurt, Kansas
May. 2018 – Dec. 2018
Main Activities: Accounts Payable and Receivable Management, Cash Flow, Banking Relationship and support to Fiscal an Accounting areas.
Main achievements: Reduction  of  bank  fees, process’s standardization, making them more effective, faster and practical.

TAX ANALYST – SALES SUPPORT SPECIALIST, Conroy, Effertz and Spencer. Mathildemouth, Maryland
Nov. 2010 – Jun. 2014
Main Activities: Stage 1– Fiscal  Management,  Bookkeeping,  Taxes  calculation and Tax Obligations (periodic reports). Stage 2 – Migration  to  Sales,  acting as a Sales Support Specialist, supporting the sales team, inventory management, sales orders management, statistical sales data.
Main Achievements: Implementation  of  Intelligent  TES (automatic TES selection on SOs). Tracking transit items management (import process).

TAX ANALYST / ASSISTANT, Murray LLC. Feeststad, Alabama
Apr. 2004 – Jun. 2004
Main Activities: Fiscal Management, Bookkeeping, Tax Calculation.
Main Achievements: Process’ Standardization,   increasing   the   Bookkeeping’s   assertiveness and reducing errors in tax assessments.


East Braun University, Lake Darrel, Georgia
Bachelor of Science, ADMINISTRATION, Nov. 2004

Western Veum, Deidraville, Oregon
High School Diploma, REGULAR EDUCATION, Apr. 1998

Additional information

Personal info


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287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000











administrative analyst

  • Responsible for coordinating office activities for Finance section and other programs within the branch, ordering/maintaining and inventory supplies and equipment for colleagues, purchasing and procurement processes.
  •   8 years’ experience in AASIS (Arkansas Administrative Statewide Information System) preparing requisitions and time keeping, 
  • Preparing monthly and quarterly reports/invoicing for Bioterrorism grant, Hospital Preparedness grant and Arkansas Nuclear One Entergy Agreement
  • Maintaining/producing Memorandum of Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding and Technical Service Agreement, assisting with grant processed for various grants/sub grants, processing sub-grants for Nuclear One
  • Running commitment reports, updating and maintaining internal Personal Control reports ,completed inventory for asset commodities. 
  • 8 plus years’ experience with negotiating contracts with external vendors for various meetings, purchases of goods and services along with maintenance agreements for software and equipment warranties. 
  • Preparedness Human Resource Coordinator, responsibilities include processing job vacancy request, hire packets, employee badge information and various other duties.

administrative analyst

  • Organized and processed imports of engine part replacements
  • Monitored imports by contacting the courier company
  • Coordinated the CEO meeting schedule 
  • Technical support to customers for use of software products

administrative analyst

  • Completed medical billing documentation and coding tasks.
  • Supervised and trained staff members.
  • Assisted patients with their concerns in the office/ phone.
  • Provided hospitals with urgent data for surgical requests.
  • Conducted medical appeals & precertification required for bil
  • Protect the security of patients medical records to ensure that confidentiality is maintained though HIPAA regulations.

administrative analyst

  • product catalogue´s registry and management
  • import process coordination (end-to-end), for air and sea shipments
  • freight pricing and approval
  • Issuance of A/P Invoices
  • logistic control for road transportation and 
  • bill of landing register and control for logistic auditing purposes
  • knowledge of M&O System for freight management.

junior administrative analyst

  • Development and execution activities related to the company’s marketing plan;
  • Planning and monitoring of B2C events;
  • Internal communication / internal marketing;
  • Interaction with an agency in creating content and pieces/briefing;
  • Creation and execution of the people development plan.