Andrew Smith

Professional Summary

  • Innovative, forward-thinking executive offering over 1 Year experience in leadership as academic coordinator of reputed IT College in Nepal
  •  2 years of Lecturing IT related Subject in different colleges.
  • Looking forward to develop career in software development as well as Academic sector

Employment history

Academic Coordinator, Reilly-Schoen. Nitzscheport, Wyoming
Jul. 2019 – Present
  • Communication with University for smooth execution of courses.
  • Perform administrative duties such as serving as department head. 
  • Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as programming, data structures, and software design.
  • Maintain student attendance records, grades, and other required records.
  • Supervise undergraduate or graduate teaching, internship, and research work.
  • Act as advisers to student organizations.

Assistant Lecturer, McGlynn and Sons. Janetttown, Mississippi
Jun. 2018 – Aug. 2018
  • Evaluate and grade students’ class work, laboratory work, assignments, and papers.
  • Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as programming, data structures, and software design.
  • Compile, administer, and grade examinations or assign this work to others.
  • Initiate, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions.


South Conroy, North Augustine, Arkansas
Master of Science, Computer Engineering, Present

North Braun Academy, South Charlieberg, Kansas
Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, Dec. 2016

South Alaska Academy, East Phyllismouth, Alaska
High School Diploma, Civil Engineering, Jan. 2011

Western Yost, New Robby, Arizona
School Leaving Certificate, Jul. 2008

Personal info


(000) 000-0000


287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000


Python Programming

Data Structure and ALgorithm

Advance Java with Spring Framework and Hibernate

Advance PHP with MVC

Android Programming using Java

Core Java


Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000
[email protected]
(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

Specialization in Agriculture Statistics and Effective  teaching of  all subjects under Agriculture Statistics(Statistics, Economics and Computer Science). Well experienced in numerous activities under academic works like conducting exams, education tours, organizing sports and cultural activities etc. Trust in innovation and new ideas. 

Employment history

Academic Coordinator, Cremin LLC. East Mercedes, Oregon
Jul. 2019 – Present
  • All academic activities like setting of time table, distribution of classes, coordinate to all faculties and all other works.

Center Superintendent, Streich-Ferry. Claudstad, California
Nov. 2019 – Present
All Examination related work like setting of Internal exam time table, seating arrangement, arrangement of  Invigilator, coordinate with Controller Examination and all other duties. 

Assistant Professor, Abshire Inc. West Jonathanville, Alabama
Dec. 2018 – Present
  • Teaching with self prepared notes, books, power point, modals etc. 
  • Work as Academic Coordinator and Exam center Superintendent to manage all academic activities and exam related works. 
  • Coordinator of all department level activities.
  • Manage education tours and other visit programs. 


South Hills College, Mitchellville, Georgia
Young Scientist Award 2019, Agriculture Statistics and Computer Science on the Occasion of 3rd International Conference, Feb. 2019

The Kansas Academy, Schroederview, Washington
University Gold Medal, University Topper in M.Sc., Received On 14 th Convocation, May. 2017

Hodkiewicz Institute, Rudyburgh, Vermont
Gold Medal, Late Dr. D.K.Tiwari Gold Medal for highest OGPA in M.Sc. received on 14th Convocation, Apr. 2017

Eastern Harber, Garrethaven, Oregon
Master of Science, Agriculture Statistics, Jan. 2016

North Hand, Douglasshire, Wisconsin
Diploma in Computer Application, Computer Science, Jul. 2014

Western Lehner Academy, Reynoldsport, Utah
Bachelor of Science, Agriculture, Apr. 2014


Team Work

Conducting Programs

Exam Management


Academic Coordination

Effective Teaching


Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

Innovative STEM Trainer & Educator adept at bringing the 21st Century into the classroom. Skilled at utilizing current educational hardware and software  both in and out of the class setting. 3+ years of experience as a teacher, mentor ,coordinator and department chairperson responsible for the innovation and development of new programs and initiatives.

Employment history

ACADEMIC COORDINATOR, Armstrong-Rodriguez. East Geoffreyfort, West Virginia
Mar. 2020 – Present
  • Development of teaching process and content.
  • Conduct classes 
  • Weekly inspections at different branches and coordinate
  • Prepare mocks
  • Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying needs, abilities, and interests.
  • Assign and grade class work and homework.

Teacher-gs & quant, Feeney, Weber and Larkin. Ambrosestad, Georgia
Aug. 2018 – Present
  • Instruct students individually and in groups, using various teaching methods such as lectures, discussions, and demonstrations.
  • Prepare materials and classrooms for class activities.
  • Observe students to determine qualifications, limitations, abilities, interests, and other individual characteristics.

STEM trainer & Coordinator, DuBuque Inc. Port Eliseoville, Illinois
Mar. 2017 – Apr. 2017
  • Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying needs, abilities, and interests.
  •  Deliver STEM concepts in the classes through a curriculum intended to support the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills. 
  •  Model how to program and build structurally sound robots using the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Kit, and support groups of students in building and programming their own.
  •  Teach school students the principles of Robotics including the functions of power source, sensors, motors and structural members of a robot.

LECTURER, White, Rippin and Schaden. Faheytown, Nevada
Sep. 2016 – Oct. 2016
  • Evaluate and grade students’ class work, assignments, and papers.
  • Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate students on topics such as Mass Transfer, principles of Heat transfer, and operations etc
  • Initiate, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions..


East McCullough Academy, Port Gary, Wisconsin
B.tech, Chemical Engineering, Sep. 2015

North Mann College, Alphonsobury, Washington
Senior Secondary, Non Medical, Apr. 2010

Western Bernier, Candieshire, Missouri
Higher Secondary, Mar. 2008





Quantitative Aptitude








Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000

(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

• Strong experience in youth development programs.

• Exceptional knowledge of working with middle-school-aged youth in urban public schools.

• High ability to supervise and manage youth development programs.

• Excellent skills in oral and written communication organizing and program planning.

• Good ability to enforce high student conduct standards.

• Proven ability to engage and attract diverse student groups.

Employment history

Academic Coordinator/Associate Head Women's Basketball Coach, Kuvalis and Sons. Port Lavonberg, Nevada
Aug. 2018 – Present
• Advises students in navigating College resources in the selection of majors, minors, concentrations, and general course load sequence 

• Guides students through the admission and transfer processes, financial aid steps, and recommend scholarships 

• Sets attainable academic goals, monitors progress, while providing steady encouragement and direction 

• Assists students in the initiation and completion of the transfer process to four-year institutions 

• Identifies academically at-risk students and those experiencing personal difficulties to develop and implement individualized plan 

• Plans and facilitates study-skills and time management workshops 

• Tracks student success based on University and College-Wide 
retention performance indicators; evaluates, documents, and reports on student-athlete academic participation and progress                      

• Monitors team study hall session throughout the week and directs student-athletes to tutoring

• Initiates volunteer work and plans social events where students can connect and build relationships within the community  

Recess Coordinator, Strosin-Ryan. Baileyport, Indiana
Oct. 2015 – Apr. 2016
• To develop and implement physical activity programs for all students K-5th Grade.

• Train and oversee support staff.

• Effectively implement rules and expectations specifically on, but not limited to, the playground. 

• Act as liaison between school staff and recess and afterschool staff.

• Manage and schedule staff at your school site.

Youth Enrichment Coach, Carroll, Williamson and O'Conner. Bartolettiton, Nebraska
Feb. 2015 – Apr. 2016
• Coached recess and afterschool programs at NYC schools.

• Leads instructional classes focusing on skill development, rules awareness, boundaries and cultural expectations.

• Organizes and facilitates cooperative activities to promote character-building and teach life skills.

• Delivers onsite coaching, consultation, and modeling to school personnel.

• Creates a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.

5th and 6th Grade Girls Volleyball and Basketball Coach, Schimmel, Wilkinson and Lesch. Stantonberg, New York
Oct. 2015 – Dec. 2015
• Provide an enriching basketball program that supports the school’s mission statement. 

• Attend all practices, games, and meetings related to the position. 

• Develop and maintain professional working relationships through effective and timely communication with the Activities Director, program personnel, students, families and other building staff members, such as the principal, custodians, and teachers.

After School Sports Coordinator, Morissette-Wilkinson. East Lucilaport, Kentucky
Apr. 2015 – May. 2015
  • Plan, create, and coordinate new and innovative sports programs for CPCMS students (Flag Football, Soccer, basketball and Volleyball leagues).
  • Maintain accurate program documentation (lesson plans, incident reports, accident report, behavior report, attendance & sign-in / sign-out sheets.

Activity Specialist, Bode-Trantow. Rosieview, Oregon
May. 2014 – Dec. 2014
• Plan and implement meaningful activities, lesson plans, and special events that are age-appropriate, exciting, challenging, and values based in the areas of arts, STEM, character development, creative expression, community service, physical fitness, and/or nutrition. 

• Prepare the learning environment, lessons and necessary supplies for program activities.

• Work with the Site Director to secure and maintain all equipment and/or supplies needed for sports.

• Prepare the learning environment, lessons, and necessary supplies for sports activities.

• Actively participate in all training sessions, designated meetings and special events.

Program Manager, Torphy-Nicolas. Karenaville, Rhode Island
Dec. 2011 – Jan. 2012
• Managed overall operations, including supervision, budgeting, staff training and scheduling.

• Performed IHP planning and implementation for clients.

• Ensured compliance with state and federal regulations.


The Konopelski University, Shoshanatown, Nevada
Master of Science, Recreation Education, Present

Botsford University, Cammiestad, Oregon
Bachelor of Science, Exercise and Sports Science, Jun. 2011

Western Michigan College, West Jimborough, Vermont
Sports Management, Oct. 2006


Micosoft Office



academic coordinator

  • Prepare materials and tests for class activities.

academic coordinator

  •  Prepared a separate academic calendar based on the government calendar for the project and been approved by the commissioner of education – AP.  
  • Supported the Math content (Remedial content).     
  • Preparing level wise Question papers. 
  •  Been involved in gathering feedback and updating the content as per the teachers’ feedback.
  •  Been as Master trainer and trained 100 newly recruited trainers in Coimbatore on the aspects of how to train teachers, handling teachers, communications, skill & personality development, monitoring & observation. 
  • Till now we have trained nearly 20,000 teachers and I nearly handled 25 training’s. Supported & monitored other training’s handled by our trainers. ASSOCIATIVE COORDINATOR    

academic coordinator

  • responsible for effective curriculum delivery, achievement of departmental goals and learning outcomes.
  • Organized and encouraged participation in many Inter school events and competition. 
  • Have worked with and on the core staff’s grooming and training to create a unique Teacher- student alliance. 
  • worked towards giving the Organization a strong foundation in terms of the new technological changes in the field of education. 

academic coordinator

  • Mentored over students on academic problems and made professional recommendations.
  • Monitored and tracked students’ academic progress to encourage successful learning outcomes.
  • Worked with the department to outline and schedule course offerings required for students in the program.
  • Analyzed budget and implemented financial plans for academic programs and related events.
  • Collaborated with teachers and administrators to discuss the academic needs of students.
  • Instructed students in career development techniques.
  • Maintained a schedule of class per week.

academic coordinator

  • Efficiently managed Day-to-day Training Programs in and outside Delhi/NCR. 
  • Mentored over 50 students/interns on academic concerns, lectures and made professional recommendations. 
  •  Mastered theoretical course material and collaborated with other colleagues to develop interactive learning media regarding Mental Health & Wellbeing 
  • Supervised Counselors team of OP Jindal University, Haryana under the banner of Expressions India                                                                                 

academic coordinator

  • Plan, evaluate, and revise curricula.
  • Conduct research in Primary Healthcare field.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the accreditation for nursing school.
  • Dissertation tutor for nursing degree.

academic coordinator

  • Developing a creative learning community across the school
  • to have knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for creative teaching and learning as a key to raising achievement, aspiration and motivation
  • to build a community of creative learning practice across the school, involving all departments as appropriate
  • to involve parents, Governors and other members of the community extensively throughout the programme
  • to develop, through dialogue with the wider school community, an enquiry based approach which addresses a range of issues relevant to the broader developmental needs of the school and its learners and is linked to the school improvement plan
  •  to ensure all programme activity is carried out with due regard to health and safety and the safeguarding of children and young people 

academic coordinator

  • Manages the day-to-day  office operations of the  Activities on centers, involving constant interaction with all center heads. 
  • Provide technical support to center heads.
  • Prepare and deliver lectures to center head and teachers on topics such as programming, data structures, and software.
  • Manages demanding books, calendars,  maintains organized files , provide solutions on Mail, keep reporting. 
  • Assists with presentations including formatting and sourcing content. 

academic coordinator

  • Development of teaching process and content.
  • Conduct classes 
  • Weekly inspections at different branches and coordinate
  • Prepare mocks

academic coordinator

  • Co-ordination with Faculty and Parents
  • Maintained SOPs
  • Prepared monthly test schedules
  • Conducted manual attendance
  • Absentees tracking
  • Dropouts tracking, recovery and reporting
  • Conducted and supervised periodic and occassional activities

academic coordinator

  • Manage academic team to ensure the catering of high quality English education to students.
  • Propose and develop school curriculum and programs to match students’ demographics and expectations.
  • Represent school in public outreach events, e.g. seminars and workshops on English language teaching, TOEFL/IELTS workshops.
  • Deliver regular Teachers Professional Development for both in-service and new teachers.
  • Partake as Teacher Trainer in new-teacher training programs.
  • Teach English: General and Exam-prep English classes (TOEFL/IELTS).

academic coordinator

  • Supervised and trained staff of English teachers
  • Ensured the overall productivity, quality, and sustainability of academic curriculum
  • Developed and implemented curriculum for a pilot program
  • Oversaw the overall academic performance of the students
  • Optimized implementation of classroom curriculum
  • Efficiently managed day-to-day educational operations through teacher guidance, curriculum implementation, student guidance, and increased student performance and enrollment

academic coordinator

  • Collaborate with teachers to develop and maintain curriculum standards and set performance goals and objectives.
  • Recruit & hire staff.
  • Evaluate curricula, teaching methods, and programs to determine their effectiveness, efficiency and utilization.
  • Coordinate and direct the activities of teachers, extracurricular activities and programs.
  • Oversee the preparation and maintenance of attendance.
  • Prepare class time table and individual time table.
  • Prepare the academic calendar along with the list of events and celebrations.

academic coordinator

  • Communication with University for smooth execution of courses.
  • Perform administrative duties such as serving as department head. 
  • To give away the General info & Research work in the academic planner.
  • To make the time table & proxy for day today schedule.  

academic coordinator

  • Responsible for delivering an effective curriculum for Pre-Primary students and making sure that the departmental goals are achieved.
  • Academic monitoring of over 300 students 
  • Supervision of Teachers and Administrative Staff
  • Identifying and buying cost-effective material for various activities of Pre-Primary School. 
  • Conducting Parent-Teacher consultations. 
  • Arranging training and educational workshops once a month. 

academic coordinator

  • Conduct classes, workshops, and demonstrations to teach principles, techniques, or methods in subjects such as basic English language , Hindi language  skills, life skills, and workforce entry skills.
  • Prepare materials and classrooms for class activities specially for not so focused  students & dyslexic students.
  • Worked with PEARSONS, EXCEED & OXFORD publication also have a sound command on SARASWATI PUBLICATION & MADHUBAN PUBLICATION HOUSE for Hindi.
  • Overall incharge of Hindi department , to led them current methodology , guide , workshop & classroom activities.
  • To prepare the students in the activities like Spell bee , Abacus, Only success programs 
  • Worked with   Nayidisha program for better understanding of concepts in UKG & LKG 
  • To conduct warmup session for students in the morning assembly meet.

academic coordinator

  •  Working on part time bills of all teachers (visiting and non-visiting) and managing files. 
  • Registration of the Courses and handle all queries of the students 
  • Handling timetable issues on daily basis and conduct research projects 
  • Efficiently working on midterm and final term date sheet 
  •  Administration of exam preparation and arrangements. 

academic coordinator

  •  Develop and manage comprehensive academic support program. 
  •  Prepare and maintain student records according to district policies and administrative regulations 
  •  Provide support and guidance to academic trainees. 
  •  Coordinate with teachers and center coordinators to develop lesson plans and materials 
  • Coordinate conferences, meetings, or special events, such as seminars, inaugural functions
  • Coordinate and direct the financial planning, budgeting, procurement, or investment activities of all or part of an organization. 

academic coordinator

  • Collaborate with other teachers and administrators in the development, evaluation, and revision of preschool programs.
  • Make travel arrangements for boss.
  • Marketing company packages to potential students
  • Assisting the Academic Head on ad hoc administration duties 

academic coordinator

  • Mentor/Student management
  • Liaising with mentors (trainers) on a daily basis
  • Rostering shifts for trainers through Deputy Software
  • Editing and uploading student reading material on the online portal 
  • Conducting one on one telephone interviews with potential mentors/trainers
  • Reviewing resumes & shortlisting trainers for interview
  • Facilitation of group interviews (held annually)