4th grade teacher, math & science

  • Constructed lesson plans and assessments to include differentiation to meet a variety of student needs
  • Provide Leveled Language Instruction for RTI purposes
  • Incorporate social and behavioral learning into everyday learning
  • Communicate and build relationships with both students and parents
  • Serve as a role model of change for the campus
  • Empowered students to be successful in both their learning and everyday lives

4th grade teacher

  • Plan and implement Reading instruction
  • Plan and implement Writing instruction
  • Monitor student progress
  • Provide intervention to targeted students
  • Conference with parents
  • Attend Community Night events
  • Camp Excel (summer program)

4th grade teacher, math

  • Collaborate with peers and mentors to create effective curriculum
  • Enhance student learning through data driven instruction and intervention
  • Plan and implement student IEP and 504 plans
  • Serve on PBIS and DOI Committees to improve the learning and teaching environment for the district
  • Differentiate instruction between classes to support individual student needs
  • Use a variety of technology to enhance and strengthen the student learning process

4th grade teacher

  • Received training in PBIS and actively worked in the proactive implementation of school-wide culture and classroom team building
  • Worked with School Psychologist in Tier 2 and Tier 3 data analysis and behavior interventions
  • Participated in the school community as a member of Leadership Team, Literacy Committee, Student Council and Penny Harvest Advisor, and P.A.S.S. Liason
  • Partnered with co-workers to create rigorous data-driven curriculum and improve teaching practicesDeveloped teacher book club using research by Robert Marzano with support from the principal

4th grade teacher

  • Facilitated and taught lessons for more than twenty-four 4th grade students.
  • Created and differentiated lessons according to my student’s academic needs based on data.
  • Developed engaging and challenging lessons for Emerging English Language learners. 
  • Incorporated content-based English Language instruction in the classroom.
  • Provided a classroom environment that allowed students to be comfortable in using their voice and established an environment conducive to learning.
  • Established and enforced rules for behavior and procedures with students for maintaining order among the students.